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On A Break Instead.

Hi there,

I wanted to make this twitlonger before I start studying today to let you know that I decided to take a break instead of just quitting altogether. I will not let these trolls force me out of a community that I've been in for five years. I will not let them bully other people in the community and force more people out like they have been. The same people! We have to stand up against this bullying. I think people are getting accepting opinions and bullying confused because I know bullying when I see it and what happened yesterday was bullying. The name-calling was horrible. If anything, they can't accept that yes. I believe in God. Yes, I believe that Pirate101 will continue. and Yes. I am against bullying! When I say anything like this, they always have to attack. When I do get back, I will reply, but not as much as I usually do.

I want everyone to know that these are my tweets. If you don't like them, you can block me or them - like I have done to the other people. I have told everyone this so many times in the past 6 months. I never had to before because I never had this issue before. I've been in the wizard community nearly 6 years (if you count Facebook) and have never had to deal with people like this before. I am not offended by opinions but I am offended by bullying. Otherwise, I would have never made that tweet yesterday. I will stand up against bullying no matter what. Idc if it's directed towards me, but seeing what I read yesterday, I can tell they say it to others and that really upset me.

I joined this community to make friends. I didn't join to leave because a few people love drama. I'm not the one creating drama and if you think I am, you're free to unfollow and block. It's pretty easy actually. This Twitter is actually for blog posts, but I will always reply to everyone about these posts or about the game. Many have already left because of this disgusting bullying/ attacking every chance you get because you like it. Trust me, if it wasn't the same people I wouldn't call it bullying at all.

Now, I'm going to go on break (with replies or regular tweets) for awhile. Maybe a month or so? I will have blog post tweets but I will not reply to anyone unless you have an important question or comment through direct messages (just ask me to follow you if I'm not). If you don't like me or my blog: UNFOLLOW AND BLOCK ME! Lol. So that's the 1,000,001th time that I've said that? I will be back soon. But know this. I'm not a victim or anything. I'm quite the opposite. I'm going to fight against this bullying and I will NOT allow this bullying as long as I'm here. If I see bullying, I will report it. I'm stepping up against by going a step farther. If I see it, I will report you to Twitter. I urge all of you reading to do the same if you see it. It's not funny.

Everybody knows what bullying is. But attacking someone and saying that you're not bullying someone while calling them names (basically making fun of people with Down Syndrome) is exactly what bullying is. I will NOT allow it. I don't care what you say about me, but when I see you make fun of other people, that's where I draw the line. I will NOT allow it. I really don't care if you disagree or not. You won't win this. If you see this, know that I'm going to make sure that your account is gone if you continue to do this. Especially if I see you making fun of other people. Go ahead and tell me that I'm offended by opinions and whatever else you say. You can continue saying it, but I'm offended by your bullying. Now, that's all I have to say. Remember. UNFOLLOW ME/Block if you disagree. I can't express it enough. Why haven't these people didn't block me --- Because they want to attack me every chance they get. I made a huge mistake by unblocking a few, but they have been blocked and will never be unblocked. That's all I have to say for now. Thank you all for your support. I really didn't want my tweets to these people to get in the way of my blogging tweets but they have. I love talking to everyone here, but it makes it difficult when there are haters in the way and a few get upset because I'm sticking up for myself. Next time I see it, they will be reported not for opinion but for bullying. Everyone can and should be able to express themselves (including myself - but that's not allowed), but bullying someone goes way too far. This is why this Twitlonger is as long as it is. I make these to tell you all what's going on or explain what happened. Anyways, please keep in mind that Opinions are always welcomed, BULLYING IS NOT!

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