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3rd May 2016 from TwitLonger

Leaving Roccat

Hey guys, update on my situation since it's announced today: ROCCAT will be playing with Steeelback as ADC starting next split

When ROCCAT was 1-5 and Safir was underperforming, ROCCAT contacted me and a few other ADC players for a tryout. After playing a few scrims with them they were immediately sold on my performance. They invited me to fly in to join the team in Berlin the very next day and I decided to take the offer, because I felt like I was in good shape and could make a difference in a team that made a bad start but had potential to turn their split around.

However we didn't manage to turn the tides and the team kept losing a lot of games. We lost a lot of games where we built up a big early game lead, and actually had some of the best early-game stats as a team. I'm sad we didn't manage to play out those games properly, or we might have been able to avoid relegation all-together.

After securing their spot in LCS once more, ROCCAT decided to make roster moves and as a result I am no longer part of the team. I wish good luck to my friends and former teammates Airwaks and Betsy. I had a good time with you guys and hope you find more success next split.

Moving forward, I will be practicing and streaming for the next months and have an open mind towards any LCS/CS offers in EU and NA. If you are interested in my services, DM's are open and you can contact me at

Thanks for reading!

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