SPSP Preconference Workshop

Dear SPSP members,
Prior to the SPSP conference in June (http://www.rowan.edu/colleges/chss/departments/philosophy/SPSPConference/index.html) we are organizing a pre-conference workshop on Empirical Methodology for Philosophy of Science in Practice. In this workshop researchers skilled in specific methods will present and answer questions about when and why using certain empirical approaches might be useful and fruitful, and about the consequences that follow from the application of specific methodologies. In addition, there will be space to present and discuss your own research, and a panel discussion on the role of empirical methods in philosophy of science. We aim at an interactive workshop that will include several hands-on sessions.
The pre-conference workshop will take place on the 16th of June, at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. The workshop is aimed at early career-scholars, but everybody is welcome to attend. Registration is free of charge, but places are limited. Please send an e-mail to s.j.vanbaalen@utwente.nl for registration.
Workshop highlights:
Understand the dynamics between different empirical methodologies and the purposes for which they are used
Debate the implications of different empirical methodologies
Present and discuss own (empirical) research projects
Discuss the role of empirical methods in philosophy of science in practice
Lisa Osbeck (University of West Georgia ) & Frederick J. Wertz (Fordham introduction to ethnography and phenomenology, interviewing and qualitative analysis.
Dominic Berry (University of Edinburgh) Use of archives and/or objects for philosophy of science
Joshua Alexander (Yale University) introduction to experimental philosophy for philosophy of science
Liam Bright (Carnegie Mellon University) how to investigate empirically the evaluation of interdisciplinary research
Discussion panel:
Target questions: “How to make conceptual claims based on empirical evidence?”, “Why does philosophy of science in practice require empirical studies?” and “Do empirical studies in PSP need formal methodology?” With: Miriam Solomon (Temple University), John Dupré (University of Exeter) and Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter)
Best wishes,
Sophie van Baalen
Maria Serban

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