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29th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

Donald Trump, Gender, History & The Future Of Our Communities

Study reveals gene expression changes with meditation
Is opposite division/insecurity-arrogance humanity more Ghandi

Language is integral to understanding that
"where are we/what are we dynamic" & always
has been.

These things are relevant to understanding the Trump candidacy, I think.
His xenophobia seems to follow on Lou Dobb's Mexican bashing, and his
I'll take this

when "taking the oil" isn't even relevant

Combined with I'm strong they're weak is our valley here, their valley there,
we're the better raiders, is us or them not us and them, and of course this is
a tribalism enabling plutocracy here and plutocracy there and warring nations.

This is the defining opposite from Ghandi'ism:

It's also the defining opposite from:

The author was the Jewish (from the "right side of Jewish history")
member of the general circle of Women's Equalists of the mid-19th Century
--Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Matilda Joslyn Gage,
whose basic interest in equality for all (never a relevance to male v
female though seekers of equality for themselves) incorporated obviously
an understanding of democracy from equality of birthright vs.slavery from
arrogance from those things supportive of what I (twitlonger preparer--
a public health professional) call "non-democracy" and "non-health."

The above's readily knowable from the fact it was part of a singular
historic "transaction," including the abolitionists' (typically religious
males taking on aim of equality of birthright) and emancipation
(Lincoln--the definition of the "right side of America's history."
Those lining up with Lincoln, of course, in the sense of democracy
and health vs. non-democracy and non-health obviously include
JFK/RFK/MLK/Gene McCarthy/Eleanor Roosevelt/the creators of
the movie "The Help," and people like that.)

Whereas Ann Coulter is female she only has that in common with
the women's equalists of the 19th C. However, this:
obviously works hand in hand de facto (whether intentional or not)
with Dobbs' bashing Mexicans.

Because Hillary's plainly plutocratic


she really too mainly just has gender in common with the women's equalists of
the 19th Century.

Eleanor Roosevelt would've made a great President.
So would Vendana Shiva.

A doctor who's a woman would likely make a good one
cause this is mainly about being the sociable healthy
minded person. In that sense it actually would be
potentially preferable having President Stein rather than
President Sanders, except Sanders is selfless and works
for Mom/daughter/sister as much as Lazarus and Anthony
worked for Dad/son/brother.


I see those on the wrong side of American history
being sort of "Napoleonic" because Cinco de Mayo's
approaching and it occurred to me since the Battle of
Puebla occurred in 1862 (democracy seeking vs
Napoleonic vassal) that was obviously part of the
historic "transaction:"
the 19th Century Women's Equalists
the religious men of Central NY seeking equality of birthright
Lincoln & emancipation.

The genetic references at the beginning reflect the thought
that slight community change can reflect epigenetically

So, this is boldness enduring:


But, we'd get:


At time of preparation YouTube links
appeared, outwardly, being licensed.

Have a nice day.

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