Coaching's future

Hiko and I had dinner with Valve Devs at the Major and we discussed what coaching support I gave TL prior and during the game and then they shared what they would like the role to play in the competitive landscape.

Valve said they would continue to evaluate the coach role but the coach spec option in-game took off more than they originally intended. They want to protect the 5v5 team experience for the lower levels who do not have coaches. Essentially they want to maintain the game's 5v5 integrity not 6v6. Valve wants the viewers at home to be watching the same game that they play at home. They want to keep the competitive pressure spread across 5 people and supported by a 6th.

They discussed possibly silencing the coms from the coach after 25 seconds into the round or so (including freezetime). Similar to how coaches mics are silenced in football after the huddle. This would put more value on great QB's (IGL's).

Currently valve does not allow coach spec option at the major. None of this is set in stone and is still being discussed but it shows you their view which I can respect because we as a community need to better support the IGL role.

Lots to discuss!

- Jame^s

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