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28th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

Quick MVP preview + notes on Ever since IEM

I was planning on going a bit more indepth and doing a fully fledged article but honestly due to how soon the date announcement was to the games I'm gonna keep most of it brief and unedited(Be prepared for grammatical errors)

Talking with teams, most seem to view MVP as the stronger CS team despite losing the finals against Ever. This is also explained why SBENU chose Ever for their bo5 instead of MVP, as they had a choice as to who they would get to play in the promotion matches. Also interestingly enough people have told me they believe the CS teams to be better based on scrims(again, just scrims) than Kongdoo and SBENU.

MVP is a teamfighting team who have basically abused the double tank compositions that have been rampant in the current meta. Stylistically I would probably compare them a bit to Rox Tigers, however Rox's sololanes have some different strengths.

Top - ADD
SoloQ Rank 26 (
Has previously gone by the name of JadeGreen, and was a NaJin trainee/sub briefly for the team back in S5. Not particularly a huge fan of ADD but I will say the meta seems to be in a good place for him presently as he has shown he excels on tanks. His best champions appear to be Poppy/Maokai. Leaving Ekko up likely isn't too big of a deal based on his few games on Ekko and their general priority on the pick itself. For the most part, he tp's and teamfights well for a challenger top laner but I question the depth of his pool and his flexibility as a player.

Jungle - Beyond
SoloQ Rank 83 (
Probably the best performing jungler throughout the regular season and could arguably be one of the MVP's of the entire season of CS, however I would argue another. I see him as an extremely flexible jungle who has showcased multiple styles that he can switch between based on jungle matchup and overall team comps. He mostly plays an active early game where he is constantly in the enemies jungle counter jungling and in turn exerting lane pressure. Also for some reason he has picked Amumu twice in KR CS and is 2-0 on the pick(Yes, KR CS is indeed a joke)

Mid - Ian
SoloQ Rank 118 (
Probably the player I'm most critical of on MVP. With the exception of a few teams, I would argue that a lot of KR teams have essentially delegated their mid laners to a more of a role player status rather than making them the primary focus of resources and attention. Ian is no different for MVP, however as a roleplayer he is only satisfactory at the CS level, and will likely give MVP troubles if they do manage to qualify for LCK. His job is just to play safe and farm. To give you an idea of Ian as a player, first game vs Ever in playoffs he pulls out Karma mid with TP(not too surprising of a pick) but instead of going something traditional like FQC, he goes for Eye of the Watchers and ends up placing almost 70 wards that game. That game was basically the embodiment of the type of player I perceive him as.

Adc - Maha
SoloQ Rank 121 (
Was formerly a sub for KT Rolster back in S5 under the name Mach. Pretty standard ADC who plays all the meta champions. Not necessarily a dominant laner but his support is which enables him. More of a positional based adc but nothing close to the positional prowess as LoKen. MaHa as an adc doesn't stand out compared to the other KR CS adcs because most of the ones on the top teams are at a similar skill level(Except LoKen ofc) Personally I prefer him on a lane dominant champion as it allows Max to do more during the early stages of the game. His Ashe is also pretty impressive when attempting to set up engages/picks for the team.

Support - Max
SoloQ Rank 42 (
In my eyes, Max was the MVP of the regular season of KR CS(although I think LoKen and Beyond have fair arguments as well) Was formerly a sub for CJ in 2015, and even played a few games in LCK, however he didn't look particularly impressive. Max fits the standard KR mold of supports currently primarily playing tank supports(or you know the rest of the world except NA) with his specialty being Alistar. Strong laner/strong teamfighter. He pretty much has only played tank champions in his career(Including the few games he played for CJ, and his brief stint in TW), so I do question the depth of his pool if the meta were to shift as I was recently unimpressed with his most recent Bard game against Ever.

Since most people have seen enough of Ever's games to have an idea about them, here's some quick notes since IEM essentially.
-Started a downward decline just before IEM
-went 0-2 against all three of the playoff teams in the 2nd round robin, which made it conceivable that they were the 4th best team in playoffs despite securing the number 2 seed.
-Started experimenting with different combinations of Jg/supp at end of reg season which they settled with Totoro over Key and Bless over Ares
-Bless is rank 4 on the ladder (
-These changes gave Ever an early game so they no longer have to teamfight from big deficits
-LoKeN still a god
-KeY not a god anymore
-Bless has looked shaky at times but has looked better each game and likely has progressed even more since playoffs.
-Despite being a carry top laner, Crazy was often left to himself due to the lack of pressure from his jungler previously which put him in numerous compromisable positions, however, now with Bless, his pressure seems to be highly focused on Crazy's lane
-Due to losing Ares as a shotcaller, the team has been playing pretty simple easily executable poke comps. Tempt basically plays Varus/Corki/Zilean every game now.
-Sometimes forces baron despite using poke comp and don't set up the poke first before starting it which has lead to some throws/potential throwing opportunities. Likely due to the loss of Ares. Fortunately SBENU literally does the exact same shit.

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