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26th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

Trans of #CookUpAStorm HK TVB J2 news video #JungYongHwa #정용화

Video at http://www.weibo.com/p/230444da643ed0f525ee7a166cd3883eaf8dc4 cr 凱西北七

Reporter: Did you ask him (Yonghwa) privately whether his cooking is ok?
Nicholas Tse: He likes to eat. When I had a meal with him once, he was like a kid seeing sweets and was very happy after eating. But he said that he doesn't cook himself. When I saw him on the first night of filming, I was worried for him when he needs to use the knife. But once he used the knife I knew that he is a hardworking person, definitely he had practised before. I really like such hardworking actor.
Reporter: Did he diligently ask you to teach him Mandarin? Because I know he...
Nicholas Tse: He likes to learn a lot, and I think he is really brave, being one who does not know the language and having to come so far away for his first movie. I really admire his spirit.

Yonghwa (in Mandarin): Da Jia Hao. Wo shi ban yan An Bao Luo de Zheng Rong He.
(Hi everyone! I am Jung Yong Hwa acting as An Paul)
Michelle Bai: I know that he has been continuously learning Chinese, so he is quite hardworking. And actually some simple words he can understand
Yonghwa: From the first meeting, the dialogue seemed to have been communicated naturally, so I think language is not an issue. It also made me think I should work even harder to learn Chinese.
Michelle Bai: Jia You! (Fighting!)
Yonghwa: Jia You!

Yonghwa on Nicolas Tse: He really has great personality, so even though it was only rehearsal, it made me feel that we can click very well, so I am even more anticipating the filming in the future.
Reporter: Since Nicholas cooks so well, is it a pressure on you or did you especially practise hard?
Yonghwa: Firstly after coming to the filming set, when I was practising cutting skills, he came over and taught me cutting skills, so we had some ideas to exchange and became close. I will work hard.

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