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26th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

OK, here is Doug Pederson in mid-February, when I sat down with him and asked him about drafting a quarterback. This is three weeks BEFORE Bradford signed a two-year contract.

To me, it's pretty clear he ain't talking about drafting a third-round pick:

“No. 1, it’s the hardest position to really evaluate, because you’re looking for your next franchise guy and there’s a lot of guys in the draft, fourth round on, who will probably become a decent back-up for you, you know?

“But you’re going after that franchise guy. All the things you see on tape -- the arm strength, the anticipation, the decision making, the accuracy, timing, things I look for in quarterbacks. How well does he move in the pocket and drop his eyes? These are all things you see on film.

“Then you just have to sit there and look at what type of offense does he run. … Is it spread, pro-style, throw-oriented, run-oriented, and how well will that fit into what we’re going to do with our offense?”

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