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25th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

Trans of main points on Yonghwa from Cook Up a Storm news articles



Trans: Yonghwa said he accepted this role immediately because the gourmet theme attracted him a lot, plus he knew that it would be great to cooperate with Nicholas Tse. When Yonghwa ate (fish?) maw, he said in Cantonese, "Hou Sai Lei" (terrific). Nicholas Tse revealed that when having a meal with Yonghwa, Yonghwa kept saying "Good good good".


Trans: Yonghwa revealed through traslator, "In the past I don't really cook, now I know how to cook curry and practise cutting skills. (Have he eaten food cooked by Nicholas Tse?) No, if there is time, it is great if he can cook for me." He is grateful to Bai Bing who acts as his girlfriend in the movie for teaching him Mandarin. Talking about the kiss scene in the movie, he said, "Not really anticipating this, but anticipating the portrayal of this character."

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