Raven Woods · @emailraven

24th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

Tasteless Exploitation of MJ/Prince "Rivalry"

I knew TMZ had no taste, class or shame but their latest tacky publicity stunt beats all! They are already exploiting the MJ/Prince rivalry by pronouncing whose death got the "biggest" coverage. I don't care if they proclaimed Michael the "winner" of the contest. The fact is, it is tasteless to even be having this discussion right now, and it is obviously just a cheap tactic to spike their hits by inviting the fanbases to rush to the site to start fighting and proclaiming who is "better" etc. It has only been three days and I am already tired of the media trying to dredge up this non existent "rivalry" all over again, just for ratings and sensationalism. I urge all MJ AND Prince fans to steer clear of this garbage and not give them the satisfaction of partaking in it. It shouldn't matter whose death managed to break the internet or who bested who. Prince fans are grieving right now, and deserve to be able to grieve without turning this into another excuse for a fanbase war. Let's just accept the fact that we have lost two legends, and move on. This is not what either of them would want right now. They would both want us to heal and move forward. We can appreciate what was great about both of them; it does not have to be "either/or" or who sold more or who won more awards or-God forbid-whose tragic end generated the most clicks for TMZ

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