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22nd Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

Social Values Understood Relative To Time By Way Of Art

The benefits associated with being
born in a later year outweigh
the biological risks associated
with being born to an older mother
See At The Link The
Obvious Community Health


There's Also A Distinct Time
Relativity Involved.
The Wealthiest People Hundreds
Of Years Ago Still Lacked
Mr. Coffee.
Their Wealth Was Their Sometimes...
Simple Arrogance.
What's Visible In Much Art.


The Chief Financial Officer To
Emporer Charles V, By
Jan Gossaert, Apx. 1530-1532
The Original Is On Display
At The Getty Museum, Los Angeles
--They Actually Have An Extensive
Gossaert Collection. J. Paul Himself
May've Held A Special Liking.
Another Gossaert, In D.C.


But The Actual Meaning Of The Very Many
Paintings Of Lifeforms, Such As Fruit In
A Bowl, Is Particularly As Explained At The
Getty Museum A Device For Conveying A
Sense Of Time.

Artists plainly saw history as a
learning curve; yet, despite appearances
to the opposite, they were far more
real as to actual life.

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