Nick Smith · @inero

21st Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

Will not be renewing my contract with Mousesports. Currently open for offers

At the end of this month, my contract with Mousesports will be expiring, and I will not be looking to renew it. While I enjoyed the last year spent with this org and team, I would just rather look for something new at the moment. I'm 100% sure the team that Simon, Dan, and I built in the past month will be able to requalify for CS and I really hope they do well.

Thanks to Patrick, Mauno, Dan, Tarik, Xioh, Jinsh, Rhuckz, Sebekx, and Zhergoth for all their work when they were on the team with me. Even though I likely won't be back in Europe any time soon, I'm always here to help you guys with anything, and I'm grateful for having met all of you.

Thanks to the staff that worked alongside me as well. Simon and Lauren were both extremely helpful in the last split, and I would highly recommend them always. I really hope you both find success with whatever you decide to do in the future.

And lastly thanks to my manager, Lenz, and his wife Kerstin for all of their help during my stay in Germany. You both went way above what you needed to do for me, and I really appreciate it. I'll look forward to the weekly ARAMS where I completely 100% solo carry you again, Lenz

Hopefully I'll get to see at least a few of you guys again if I come back to Europe. Thanks for everything Mouz and everyone else I met during my first year in eSports

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