Hi everyone,

We wanted to provide our fans with a short update regarding our CS:GO roster. As you may know, we have been playing with koosta and adreN for the past couple of days due to s1mple needing to fly back to Ukraine in order to arrange his ESL Pro League Visa for London. After having greatly missed his family throughout his stay in the United States, he was looking forward to spending some time in his home country. As s1mple spent more time at home with his family, it became even more apparent that he had missed them so much. This, in combination with concern over his in-game role on the team—and consequently the team atmosphere—led him to reach out to us about his desire to play for a European team and not return to the States.

We take requests like this very seriously and after thorough discussion, we've decided to help s1mple find a new home on a European team, where he can really find his stride. We are going to figure this out together and we will work with him to find potential organizations. In the meantime, s1mple will remain under the Team Liquid banner as a CS:GO streamer.

This means that our starting lineup going forward will be: adreN, Elige, koosta, Hiko and nitr0.

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