Response to wheeler accusing me of colluding

This is in response to Jason wheeler accusing me of colluding. Yes we were 10 handed at the final table in which 2 people were going to get knocked out with nothing . 7 seats were getting 25k and 8 was getting around 18k cash. I had the second largest stack and I was in very good shape to get a seat. I was on auto fold and really wasn't about to get caught up with any hands to start bleeding chips. I had a few drinks and was feeling great that I was going to get a seat and didn't have to stress it like most satellites. This clown Jason says as he entered the hallway he noticed me and Lilly talking right before the break. First of all it was me Lilly And her boyfriend Caldo who I am very good friends with .So yes why wouldn't we be talking? For this piece of garbage to assume and accuse me of colluding infuriates me. The last time I noticed Lilly's stack was before the break where she had 15 bigs. I found out later she lost a hand before the break in which I had no idea. When we restarted I sat down without looking at her stack. We started the level and I believe it folded to her when she went all in. I looked down and had A4 and said I fold. Just like I would fold KQ and AJ in previous hands. All of a sudden Mukul and Jason start to go ballistic about my fold. That's when I realized Lilly was all in under my big blind bet. Obviously I would never ever fold when I don't have to add more chips, as I explained it to them which I thought they would perfectly understand, but this piece of shit Jason kept screaming at the top of his lungs and calling me a cheater and a liar, which infuriated me. Why the fuck would I ever fold and make a spectacle of my self and make it blatantly obvious that I didn't want to knock her out. Of course we are friends but I mean come on! What I don't understand is how the dealer didn't say you don't have to put anymore chips in or bring it to my attention, it's the most ridiculous situation I have seen. So the floor comes over and asks what happen. I explain obviously I would never fold if I knew she had no chips. I gave my word on my family I truly did not realize she had no chips left. If you want the truth there was an older man that was in the 1 seat that saw the whole thing. Lily was in the 2 seat and I was in the 3 seat. He said that he watched me and I never looked over to see her stack confirming I had no clue. I was on auto fold and was getting pretty drunk at the point and couldn't care less.
Jason is a liar that her stack size was announced.
The floor then asked the dealer if the hands are retrievable and he says yes. He asked Lilly her hand which was 47 and then me, i told him I had a4 and he open the cards that the dealer had put on the side. The dealer ran it out and as usually she hit the 7 and doubled up.
Jason kept going on about me folding purposely , but let's be clear they were screaming pointing and accusing which is when I lost it. Obviously the floor can't prove any colluding but because I let this out of shape dirtbag drug addict Jason Wheeler get under my skin the floor give me a 20 hand penalty for losing my temper. I thought this was totally ridiculous that I was getting penalized because he was screaming and yelling at me. I just lost it which I can understand a penalty. But to get that long with that much money at stake and wheeler get nothing was ridiculous. During this time the 2 short stacks were immediately knocked out. When they let me back in my stack went from 110k to 25k which I couldn't see how that was possible. I then realized these pieces of shit were doing what they accused me of doing, folding and taking turns stealing my blinds. I said you guys what to win by cheating in which Mukul opens his mouth again screaming and I am told I have to leave the room. Obviously Mukul wears the Hardrock patch and is being treated with kid gloves as Jason wheeler is. There are allowed to scream at me ,accuse me and get no warnings.
They allow me back in the room and I have 2 blinds in which I immediately toss in the middle. I get called and lose. I wind up getting the 18k.
The next day I woke up decided to keep the 18k and go home.
First I want to say yes I was wrong for snapping back at Mukul and Jason in the way I did. The reason was I was drunk at that point and furious for them to even entertain the idea of me colluding. But that is no excuse and I will work on my anger issues. I know I should have handled it better. But what bothered me more is that Mukul didn't have my back. He didn't say I know Mike and "he wouldn't do that on purpose" instead he lead the way for accusing me, also this piece of shit Jason wants to paint this picture of this whole elaborate plan that I made with Lilly and then post it on 2+2 and make me look bad.
Mostly what I am getting tired of is the majority of drug using dirtbag lowlives always quick to judge and talk shit. It's truly amazing what sorry pathetic people they are.

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