Real Denial Jungler Change

So first off Skeeledon is being replaced. Skeele was an amazing teammate and is still a great player. He has a lot to learn but was always willing to take the extra step to improve himself. I'll miss being on a team with someone as dedicated as him. Whichever team Skeele ends up on will be lucky to have him

With that being said, Skeele's replacement simply outclasses Skeele currently. We feel his replacement will give us a higher chance of success this season, and for that reason alone we are making the change.

I know that with the Envy roster change a lot of you saw this coming. Some people say that the player replacing Skeele is overhyped, and that he didn't really preform even in the game he played with us, but I can assure all of you that he is good and we wouldn't be making this change if we didn't think so.

Finally, we're glad to announce Mask as Denial's new jungler.

This post, unlike the other, isn't a troll, and Mask will now be on our starting roster.

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