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18th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

31 Days (Nights) of Rain - Reaction

From Marini: "Dapat buku indah ini pagi Isnin and it really makes me happy 😍. not because supper sweet footnote but the entire concept of this book, how it has a beautiful cover, best title and and how the umbrella is closed at the end page.

Paling I suka, the theme song of this book is one that i keep in my playlist. always repeatedly played. (I terharu sangat.. sobs..)

Congratulation kak Ijah Amran, it is a beautiful book, I already loved it even not yet start the reading. One big step for more amazing steps to come.

No refund is needed hihihi, in fact I am going to reward it great stars in Goodreads.

Arigatao Gozaimasu! 😘😘😘"

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