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17th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

The Change

Originally we had Weak3n jungle and due to lack of performance, we opted to try out and pick up Masked. Masked is an amazing jungler with a crazy god pool and lots of motivation and did well in scrims which reinforced our decision. Unfortunately when it came to our competitive matches he seemed like a different player/person, which is obviously an issue. You can be a great Smite player in Ranked and Scrims but you absolutely need to be able to show up and perform with the same confidence and synergy.

The Change: So as of this moment we are insanely proud to welcome back to Team EnVy: Sinjin "EONIC" Thorpe ~ as our new a permanent JUNGLER. Eonic is clearly a very talented all-around player being able to switch from Support to Jungler and sometimes beat me in Anhur jousts(<-- biggest plus in my book). Eonic's competitive/LAN experience gives us the confidence that we will, without a doubt, be a top team in NA.

I will leave Masked to announce his own path and no bridges were burned between us and him. I know we, Team EnVy, have made a lot of changes this season which makes it hard for us to be respected and taken seriously as a top team. We've been doing our best to find the right fit for our Mid/Jungler combo and I finally think we've found it. <3

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