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16th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

bad news / brutal truth

So i'm sure you guys are wondering whats up considering i haven't been getting better and i keep getting sick or w/e. Biggest thing for me is i'm still recovering from the gall bladder surgery, this wasn't a regular incision through the belly button it was a open surgery through my chest to get my gall bladder out.

Biggest thing about my gall bladder, it apparently had a tumor on it which was caused by cancer in my body. So i have cancer, i don't know where yet or how severe however i will have all tests done by the 22nd of this month to figure out whats going on and my options.

Before i got out of the hospital today my doctor told me that the cancer source is unknown but it is spreading throughout my body and has reached my liver. I don't know what is up on how bad it is yet, i don't know much until the 22nd when the tests come out and then i can maybe start some treatments.

So obviously sorry if this is depressing but its the hard truth and i'm here to let you know i'm going to beat this and i'll be ok. I will however be MIA until further notice. Thanks for caring family

tl;dr i have cancer

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