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4th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger

A Collection of Deep Thoughts by CNBLUE

From interviews and articles during their YOU'RE SO FINE promotion

JH: People still call us "Im A Loner" oppas.
YH: We experienced so much success when we debuted. It's hard for us to be satisfied with results ever since because we started off with so much success. Our goal is to beat out the success of "I'm A Loner" with a self-composed song. We want to reach that level of success one more time.

Talking about mean comments-
JH: We promise each other to not read comments on articles but we end up checking them anyways.
YH: When I see a negative comment, sometimes I wonder if they can say it directly to our face. We don't give positive comments a thumbs up. We're afraid that we will be embarrassed if we get caught doing so.

Talking about their legacy-
YH: I wish people thought of us as a trendy band. I think a band that can change to meet a trend is the best.
JH: I wish people see us as cool hyungs or cool oppas.
JS: I wish people thought of us when people refer to a Korean band.
MH: We have to keep promoting and be active. I hope people will keep supporting us after 10 years.

Talking about lyrics of "YOU'RE SO FINE"-
YH: I am very cunning when I have a girlfriend. That aspect of me was reflected in the lyrics of the song.
JH: The most cunning person I know is Yonghwa.
YH: I know one who is even more cunning than me. It's Simon D.

Talking about competition with FTISLAND-
YH: They're not our rivals. We don't want to compete with them. There are not a lot of bands in this industry when more junior bands come out I will treat them well.

Talking about the military-
YH: We have been thinking about joining the military together but just because we want to doesn't mean it will happen.

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