The Truth About Brandon Woodie - With Evidence every step of the way.

tl;dr: Brandon said a lot of things that were just completely not true. I'm confident that its because he's bitter because he admitted to having romantic feelings for me - I didn't comply because I figured I'm not his type as he's admitted to me that he fantasizes about his partner being particularly young. Smash Caps wrote the report having access to my side but choose not to report it at the cost of integrity. Unlike brandon - I have evidence to support each of my claims.

This is a very long read. I will attempt to organize it so that you don't have to waste time digging around for what you need.

1. Introduction (link to the now deleted reddit post)
2. Inaccuracies of the September 2014 Story.
3. Brandon's Hidden Lies of Confusion.
4. Inaccuracies of the December 2014 Story.
5. Inaccuracies of the New Years Story.
6. Inaccuracies of the May 2015 Story.
7. Smash Caps Tactical Interdiction.
8. Now It's My Turn.
9. Brandon's Contradictory Demeanor
10. My Dilapidated Psyche
11. Brandons Motive to Hurt me.
12. The Bottom line: MacD
13. The Bottom line: Smash Caps
14. The Bottom line: Brandon.
15. The End.

1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Introduction~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In this twit longer I aim to address the recent allegations that are against me.
This is the post that was up on reddit then taken down after a couple of hours. Please read it before reading this. 1/2 2/2

First and foremost at the time, I lived in a house with 20 people. 4 bedrooms, and one small living room. There's no way to keep track of everything that happens - but I'm not using that to excuse anything - I'm just painting the picture that Brandon Wayne failed to color.
Here's the layout. Please keep this open as I will be referring to it frequently.

With this in mind I will start by taking apart each story and telling the truth behind it.
This is the story of September 2014.

2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Inaccuracies of the September 2014 Story.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

'He leads me into my bedroom' When Brandon first arrived he slept in my room on the other side of my California King Sized Bed. If you refer to the chart you'll notice where he would have been led to. Brandon claims to have forgotten the specifics but I haven't. The thing is, being pinned to any bunk bed would be impossible in our room because our bunk beds were singles on top and full mattresses on the bottom. Meaning the only way to get pinned would be to come from the angle behind the bunk bed, but even that's impossible because they were up against the wall. There there wasn't any way that woodie being as short as he is could hold himself or be pinned to the bunkbed. Because if that were the case he would have been elevated off the ground.

Now I understand - this was a while ago. maybe he got the room mixed up. And by maybe I mean 100% yes. Because this happened in the only place it could happen which was Bedroom 1. And the reason I know it happened there was because I witnessed the whole thing.

At the time I was in Bedroom 1 with my roommates playing platformers and drinking. That same night was when MacD and Brandon had entered. There wasn't a lot of room between the bunk beds as shown here. The boxes are the bunk beds. Im sitting on the bottom of one.

Brandon comes in first and rests his body on my side of the bunk bed. MacD enters later and because there wasn't much room to walk Brandon being very small was able to press himself up against the bunkbed holding the rails and trying to make himself look really small. Jokingly he bent over the bunk bed and said 'ohhh daddy' which is what we all do for shits and giggles now and again. his body fit inbetween the ladder to climb up and the space where you can just enter the bottom bunk. MacD then pretty much Dry humped him right then and there. He looks at me with this awkward face and some weird nervous laugh. I looked back and my judgement of the situation apparently wasn't good because to me it seemed as if they were just joking. that doesn't last for more than like 30-45 seconds and then brandon quickly leaves the room kind of heated. After being silent for a while brandon approaches me about it and we talk outside. At first he was hesitant to live with MacD and I was kind of worried too but after we talked about it - He said he would give living with MacD a shot even afterward and dismissed the event himself saying 'I think maybe I was just overreacting'. Which is reasonable for a first time offense for what could be seen as a joke. I sensed that he was still upset but I decided not to press the issue further.

3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brandon's Hidden Lies of Confusion.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-Me screaming 'WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT through paper thing wall where he was streaming next door-

Several things wrong with this.
Inaccuracy #1 The computer room as shown in the house diagram is not next door.

Inaccuracy #2: My stream never heard him yell, and they would have been the ones to notify me due to my noise canceling headphones. I’m very active in my chat.

Inaccuracy #3: There is no VOD that he can use as evidence of me screaming that to him. Why’s that? Because there is no VOD to find that supports that claim.

I'm not trivializing his memory - But if you're going to throw these stories around the burden of proof is on you. You need to prove what you said was true - but instead you're leaving it up to me to prove my innocence which is not only unfair but just unethical.

This also calls into question why Smash Caps would report this without getting my side. See in Smash Caps’ article they claim that I was negligent in reporting this and pushed brandon to stay silent. The truth is I spoke with Brandon after this event. what really happened is I took it very seriously. I took Brandon outside and spoke with him about it, in where he told me on the corner 'I don't know if I can live with MacD. What happened just now i thought I was okay with it but i wasn't.' At that point in time because I liked both of them I said 'okay well I'll talk to MacD.'

The very next day they were all over each other. I'd like to submit some contradicting words from Brandon.

This look familiar? this is the rest of the conversation that Smash Caps neglected to put on that thread on reddit. Or maybe Brandon just omitted it. Either way it's a shitty action.

In this conversation you see that I question whether or not it was 100% macD forcing himself on Brandon and not like Brandon playing into it a little bit. This was a conversation about a week ago. But Allow me to show you texts the very same month that this whole 'bunk bed sexual assault thing' happened.


Here I'm seen texting him saying that they were all over each other only DAYS after the event. He admits in this text that he WAS all over MacD and his excuse was 'I wasn't trying to lead him on I was returning the favor ya know?'

in the second text he says that he's comfortable now and he understands his personality a little better. And He's calling his advances in this time at MacD 'Harmless'.

I’ll let you decide.

And before you try to get me on 'well when was this texted:

Sorry - Just didn't wanna cut the original tweet out. But there's the date for you.

Last oddity: When I realized things were getting a little heavy for brandon I asked him privately if he’d like to go back home. I offered him $1500 and a free flight and he declined it. I was still confused as to the mixed signals I was getting from mac D, because during that conversation he seemed completely fine with him.

Lets Move on.

4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Inaccuracies of the December 2014 Story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

'You would tell him to let go and stop and struggle but he wouldn't stop'

Inaccuracy #1: Leffen said stop and MacD Did. This is a recurring theme among everyone he touched and I'm only using that word to be congruent with how he feels/what the reader knows.

Now you might be wondering 'okay but that doesn't excuse why he didn't stop when Brandon told him to stop'. That's because Brandon never told him to stop. Ever. when it was happening, during any form of unwanted behavior or touching Brandon remained silent out of fear probably. I understand that and I'm not going to knock brandon for being afraid to speak up if he actually did feel the way that he expresses but I will not let him lie to everyone and just say that he struggled or said stop or told him in that moment to let go. That is a lie. I'm not defending MacD - Simply conveying what happened.

Furthermore this did not happen in December - this happened on Halloween.

What I DO know to be true is that he was outside alone at the time. When Grizzly Time (his tag) came inside I know for a fact that Brandon and MacD were out there by themselves. I don't know what was said. I don't know what happened. but I do know that when Brandon walked in from my perspective and Grizzly Times - nothing seemed wrong. If Brandon cried later that's something I'm not going to combat because I don't know.

5. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Inaccuracies of the New Years Story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is an easy one. I got really really mad that every time Brandon would complain about being assaulted the NEXT DAY he's interacting and being very friendly and even sometimes touchy with Mac D. This upset me because after I was raped at 15 I didn't call my rapist and ask if he'd to go to Ihop and asked if he fancied another rape later. No. So that night I hear that they are laying down in MacD's bed. I go in there and I turn on the lights and i start trolling him. I literally sing a song like this.

While these weren't the lyrics exactly it was clear that i was making a sarcastic song which had a message saying 'Why the fuck do you complain about Mac D but actively find yourself without a shirt being a little spoon to him.'

After I sang my song, he got up kind of embarrassed and sad and left.

My methods were very immature. I was very upset and annoyed because I knew that the next day I'd have to hear Brandon tell me that he hated MacD, then ask him to lunch the next hour. It was a tired topic.

Also an old roommate recanted this night pretty well too - for it being two years old. Here's a screenshot of the conversation in which an eye witness of Brandons Behavior led them to believe that THAT night was platonic.

And when I entered the room to troll - Before I said anything. Both were smiling - giggling - drunk - and they weren't the only ones there. Nobody was pinned.

6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Inaccuracies of the May 2015 Story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This might be the only accurate story but even then there are things that just aren't true.

MacD did wrap his arms around him. Legs? No. But paint any picture you want. Just know that brandon is like 5ft3 and MacD is 6ft2. the area we were in did NOT have that much space - his legs would have just knocked over the table.

He did not look at D1 and ask for help. D1 and I whispered to eachother 'hey maybe we should like stop this cuz it seems kind of awkward and cringey'. After that we pretty much tried to diffuse the situation by saying things like 'hey lets play a game called touch nobody but ourselves' or
'oh its brandons turn - meaning he's gotta not be touched' or something like that. After a while it seemed to stop.

He did not say no. That's not what happened. He went to the corner of the room where his headphones were put on his head and I had enough of this between the two of them. when I asked to talk to him about it he re adjusted his headphoes, and I snapped. I flicked them off his head and said HEY. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS AND YOU DON'T WANT A SOLUTION YOU NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT AND MOVE TO A PLACE WHERE YOU FEEL SAFE.

then my friend Jonathan screamed at me for resorting to violence. After a few hours of calming down once again Brandon Jonathan and I talked about it and reconciled. The only difference is that this time there was no more hope for a relationship for anything between MacD and Brandon.

7. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Smash Caps Tactical Interdiction~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lets address this part of the post.
Tactical Interdiction: Smash Caps omitted the name of a person MacD attacked. The name Omitted is Seth. Seth is one of my best friends. Seth was ‘groped’ by MacD and handled it in the very same way Leffen did – and it garnered the same result. I think this name was omitted not for Seth’s safety, but to add another list of names of his ‘countless victims’ in order to make his crimes seem like he’s on a never ending sexual assault spree with no regard for anyone saying No or Stop. But it’s quite the opposite.
This is me telling him Seth told mac D to stop and he Stopped.

This is Seth recanting exactly what happened. This is the seth that was 16 at the time. You can easily ask Brandon to confirm. It was seth.

Oh wait actually you don't need brandon to confirm because I also have skype logs.
Here's what Brandon gave to Smash Caps to put in the reddit thread
And here's a direct screenshot from my computer of the same log, uncensored.
That covers everything about the thread in question.

8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now its My turn.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First and foremost Smash Caps was not interested in the truth of this matter - but rather the drama and the controversy that it would start. As we've seen with like Leafy vs H3 drama = views. I have tried to stay out of it if you can believe it. I tweeted to that fact about a month ago but I won't sit idle and let lies just go.

I don't expect the smash reddit people to like me ever. I gave up on that actually a few days ago when one of my friends said 'Dude you've been playing smash since 2003. you've been playing longer than some of those people have even been alive. These post Doc smash kids are not and never will be apart of the actual smash family. They can think they are but they are not.

You can think what you’d like about my content but I will not sit here and let you think that I condone sexual abuse in my home. When I was raped I was told by my family and the cops that It was my fault and i feel like that was going on because they just didn't wanna do the leg work. My pain and suffering wasn't worth the effort so I was just told 'yeah you wanted it'.

9. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brandon's Contradictory Demeanor.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Brandon would constantly compare our struggles and while at first I let it happen and just listened to it after a while I had enough emotionally. I've sat him down several times and told him if this is a big enough deal to him then please file a police report. Do what I couldn't do - I encouraged him to punish MacD because with this method I'm doing two things at once.

Either A Brandons claim is strong enough that he could get MacD in trouble and therefore I have no reason to believe anything MacD has said about it or B He won't do it because what he's explaining or telling me isn't the full story. He opted out of this option because he wanted to stay at the house with us. With his 'abuser'. That notion really makes me sick.

Having unfortunately experienced graphic and horrible sexual trauma I can tell you – I wouldn’t be spooning and playing BANG around him if I ever saw him again.

Because my attitude toward my sexual assaulter would be clear. These are NOT normal actions and behavior that a victim of such horrendous acts would do. And you might say ‘well okay that’s not up for you to decide’. Fair.

But I’d like to submit this conversation I recently had with a roommate that lived with us. This person has similar unprovoked thoughts about Brandon and the situation.
Near the end of this conversation I pretend to forget our old street name in order to get this person to say it – as I’m going to keep this person anonymous while still proving this person lived at the house during the time Brandon lived there.

Furthermore - Brandon even insisted on coming BACK to the house after all of that and said to me 'if he does anything I'll throw him in the pool'

Which makes me question where is tenacity was while he was here.

10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Dilapidated Psyche.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I broke down Crying. I want to show you why:

This was a comment that was delete sadly. But what it said was that this was a fan who is no longer my fan because I enabled sexual abuse in my house and I didn't care. I lost the most important thing to me - somebody that liked and followed my work. After that I emotionally replied to everything I could and even my best friends were begging me to stop but I couldn't.

This was more than just what happened to Brandon to me. Having everybody tell me what the truth was, not listening to me, and not letting me have a platform to speak struck some note in me I didn't know existed. I felt 15 again. I felt like I was in front of the cops again. I felt like I had to look at my moms face when not even she would believe me. I just felt like the family of smashers that I thought I had ended up not existing and instead its home to whomever has the hot topic of the week sacrificing any character they can for an upvote.

Maybe that’s why I like drama so much. Maybe I just like to be heard because I wasn’t before. Probably some issues I gotta work out.

I'm 26 now but I feel like that part of me has never grown up.

11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brandon's Motive to Hurt Me..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I tried very hard to talk to Brandon about this. We've probably exchanged over 3000 messages and talked for at least a grand total of 45 hours about this conversation. At first I was passionate about helping him feel better but after a while I got tired out.

My last advice to him was this:

I told him something that my mom told me about my step dad whom I hate. She said that the hatred that I have for him will consume me. Its a huge grip on my soul and is a useless emotion. I told him the same thing. He said my mom was wrong and that shes victim blaming. I just tried to express that I didn't let the rape consume me, I didn't let it slow me down, I had to keep working.

Earlier this month Brandon admitted to having deep romantic feelings for me. Looking past the fact that I'm not physically what he wants he said that while he was here he would have been interested in perusing a relationship.

The context of this is me explaining to him that I feel like an unfinished sword. I feel like though I have the potential to be great - right now I'm not ready to be wielded by anybody. Re butted and even joked about gaining weight just so that I would like him physically.

And it wasn't soon after that I woke up at 6:30 PM and found the reddit thread. This was the last thing I said to him.

My emotions got the better of me with the first 4 things I said. The last thing was more level headed - though still immature. It is my contention that once he realized that we can't ever be together he decided to go for broke and put it all out there using Smash Caps as a medium to do so.

Nobody that's known me in real life will side with Brandon. Everyone currently living in this house and everyone who HAD lived in this house won't side with him either. Anyone in the smash community who knows me, who's really apart of the smash family - will have my back. The nay sayers and the non believers are the very same people who think I started with League or just hate me because my content is cringe or they don't like my commentary. I can't win their favor back - I never had it to begin with. And now I'm seen as somebody who just allows sexual misconduct to happen.
I was blind to many things. I was especially blinded by Brandon actually feeling like he could be sexually and emotionally attracted to me – considering before he left he spent the better half of the morning telling me how horrible of a friend I am which was fair. But really because I knew I wasn’t his type -. Listed here gives you a clear indication of his type of person to be in a romantic entanglement with.

13. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Bottom Line: MacD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sexual assault is never okay. Rape is never okay. From where I stood - I didn't see Sexual assault. I think I was just insensitive because I've just experienced what I have so It was hard to be empathetic toward somebody who called what happened to them 'rape' when he did a lot.

MacD didn't rape him. I won't ever testify to MacD sexually assaulting them because I'd only hear the after math - and the one time I saw Brandon feel weird D1 And I tried to stop it. MacD's touching gets him into occasional trouble - but he admitted us that its a legit problem of his and he's working on it. since then nothing's happened.

14. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Bottom Line:Smash Caps~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You had the opportunity to contact me but it's clear your motive was to be the next H3H3 vs Leafy. You claimed sparky would show up to answer questions but he never came.

You said 'no witch hunting' when you clearly knew what this was going to be. You didn't contact me because you knew that with both sides it would make your story boring and not circle jerky enough. You fed me to reddit - a site of people who hate me. You knew what you were doing - But you didn't anticipate this response I'm sure of it. But if you were afraid of being wrong you should have gotten both sides.

15. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Bottom Line: Brandon.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I was drunk you'd sneak into my bed in your boxers and give me massages. I had to ask people to ask you to leave sometimes cuz it made me feel really weird - however I asked for them sometimes and they were nice. But showing up to you wanting to touch me while I'm drunk wasn't always that inviting.

We've exhausted this topic and I never told you to give up. I simply wanted you to put this behind you and try to grow from it instead of letting the hatred consume you.

But let something be clear: I don't care what Reddit says. You are not brave. You hid behind cherry picking skype conversations and lies and hyperbole with fallacies that you make up on the spot. To go further than that - right after saying you were going to come over and Throw MacD in the pool if he comes close to you it makes me wonder where that audacious behavior was when he was actually doing these things to you?

Your actions don't add up. You need help – I don’t know what kind or from whom but you need help. You go back and forth on a lot of things. One day you like smaller children the next day you’re attracted to me. One day MacD ‘Abuses’ you – the next day you’re cuddling with him watching House of Cards. It’s all there. The proof is above.

I hope you get the help you need. I was the only person on your side when everybody else who lived with you wanted to kick you out – I was the only one who stood by your side and even you know that – ask anybody who was in the house at the time and they will tell you that same thing.

When you’re done getting help – we won’t be there waiting but I guess that’s best.

16. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you made it this far I appreciate you more than you can imagine. I'm open to any and all conversation about this topic and will be answering things on reddit as well as twitter.

Thanks for your time.


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