28th Mar 2016 from TwitLonger

About The Sims Online / FreeSO Requests For More Videos...

Checked my messages today... After receiving some malicious messages from original FreeSO players after I posted my video covering the project, I have decided I will no longer be covering it nor playing it.

From their point of view they felt that I was sending trolls to 'crash' and cause problems on the servers. No I wasn't, and there was nothing in my video that insinuated it. Was I silly? Yep. The Sims is a silly game, but I did absolutely nothing rude, and if anything felt like I was going too far with some interactions that are just part of the game. I was kind to everyone on the server when I played. I was also thankful to the person who hosted the server in my video and gave a nice shout-out and promotion to the the entire project. Crashes could have been caused by the numerous people I sent their way who were only interested in playing the game. I know how many of you were excited I covered it (some of you asked me to cover it!) If you look at the comments of the video I posted on FreeSO, so many of you were excited to play The Sims Online again or even try it for the first time, not in a mean way, genuinely excited to play a game you have tons of love for. I have a hardcore Sims fanbase, that isn't that surprising you guys would genuinely be excited for a Sims project like this as Sims fans.

I have one of the kindest audiences on YouTube and maybe their players didn't know that. You guys can be silly but you aren't typically mean. Of course, there are trolls in every community and especially on online gaming. It is unavoidable. In the gaming industry, I've worked as a community manager on multiple games and it is absolutely, again, unavoidable to completely prevent that sort of thing.

To my Viewers & Community- Sorry, I don't feel comfortable covering the project again, so I won't be. If you do play on their servers or participate in their community, remember to be kind. I still don't see anything wrong with silliness, but perhaps their community does. You can check their forums for rules or ask the person hosting the server you try what their rules are for roleplay or server interaction.

To FreeSO Players & Community- I'm sorry if there were some trolls that came from my audience, but this doesn't represent the majority of my community at all nor was my intention. I was promoting something I saw as an amazing project for Sims fans. Many of my fans were seriously interested in it as hardcore Sims fans. I wish all of you the best of luck with your project.

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