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25th Mar 2016 from TwitLonger

Avengers Dota update

I'd like to start off with I'm leaving this position on mutual terms, both parties felt it was best I did not continue working with this team.

Where do I start?

Oh yeah, they're replacing Vanskor with Solitude and moving Black^ to position 5. Yeah that's where all this crumbles. Black^ and Jonas felt that his communication style was wrong. They told him to fix it or they would find someone else. They found someone else instead and didn't give him the option to change anything about himself.

I acted like a child and blew up on them, I admit that. But I can't help but feel this is both SUPER unprofessional and uncalled for. ALSO, while all this was happening Empire approached Vanskor and asked him to take part in their new roster. He declined as he felt this was a better option. They kicked him hours later.

I have been described as the worst manager they have ever had, and to be honest I'd probably agree. I did nothing but bother them about how I felt about the situation. But even if I am the worst manager ever, it makes NONE of this right. I wish them the best in the future, and hopefully this decision works out for them.

Michael "Pixul" Komornik

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