Conor Roberts · @Vetium

25th Mar 2016 from TwitLonger

🐍 Denial 🐍 (Announcement too)

Mask left for EnVy because there were some things he didn't like about the team and EnVy had benefits he just couldn't refuse. There's not much to it. He didn't really snake us because he still played with us during the Randozos game, the timing was just unfortunate. He got the offer for EnVy a few days before the weekend prior to our first SPL game and made his choice. None of us can really be mad because he's doing it for the best possible deal he can get, even though we might disagree with the choice.

Now to the somewhat surprising news. We're no longer going to be playing with Macetodaface. He's had to balance between school and Smite for the past few weeks which we all knew was very stressful for him, and the other day he made his choice. We all understood why Mace made this choice and we're all supportive of him. As of now our new mid is going to be XenoTronics. He's been a friend of Shadow's for a while and I still have to get to know him.

TL;DR Mask left. We're still deciding on a jungle. Mace left for school. XenoTronics is now our mid.

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