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23rd Mar 2016 from TwitLonger

Randozos roster change-Garz no longer a part of the team

As a team we have decided it is best off to move forward without Garz, and we will be pursuing a new starting jungler with the SPL only a day away.

The basic reason for the team feeling like we wanted to replace Garz was underperformance, though not in a mechanical sense. Whenever a new team is formed a lot of work will be required for the team to create synergy and start playing well as a unit. That is especially the case when a role swap is involved, as well as another player being fairly new to competitive play, in most likely the toughest role in NA, with ScaryD as our solo. We did not feel that Garz was giving a consistent effort on a nightly basis whether that be through communication in game or just general attendance for scrims. I think the 4 of us (myself, aduro, Meerkat, ScaryD) would all agree that we have a lot of room for improvement individually and we really are striving to learn a lot quickly, and with that mentality we understand that we need to learn from every single game we play. This is only possible with consistent practice, full dedication while playing together, giving constructive criticism, and remaining positive no matter the W-L result every night. Garz did not seem like he enjoyed playing the game and/or working with us, and it is for those reasons we will be going our separate ways.

Garz is no doubt still a very skilled player, and on the nights where he was fully engaged it truly was a pleasure to play with him and we wish him the best of luck in the future.

In regards to our game on Thursday, we will most likely be using @skeeledon as a substitute though a permanent replacement has not yet been decided.

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