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23rd Mar 2016 from TwitLonger

Physicists Facing Discrimination; French Doctors' Particular Enabling

http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/lgbt-physicists-face-discrimination-exclusion-intimidation/?wt.mc=SA_Twitter-Share #science
For Scientific American Article On Discrimination

Now Adapted As Well, For:
French docs admit to illegally helping gay couples have kids

The Added Summary: There's Here Explained An Apparent Multi-Form
Historically Evolving, Community-Environmental Epigenetic Adaptation
Underlying Homosexuality, Working Along Multiple Dynamics As To
Supporting The Full Community, With Clearly An Earlier More Primitivistic
Tribal Basis Being In Play.

The Effects Involved Do Not Always Imply Cause And Effect, But
Likely There Will Be Found Degrees Of Genetic Predisposition,
With Thresholds Involved. That's Because An Apparent Always-
Available Effect From One Gender, It Appears, Impacts On An
Always Ready To Serve The Adaptive Dynamic, Speaking Of The
Other Gender.
One Is "First Available For War," An Obvious Early Advantage,
Wherein Males Are Produced In Excess, And In Hyper-Masculine
Form, When Gay, As Opposed To Common Perception.
The Other, "More Hands, Fewer Mouths," Makes Use Of The
Confluence: Slightly Likelier If Left Handed; Slightly Likelier
Left-Handed If Born In Winter, An Obvious Adaptation To
Energy Scarcity.

Other Epigenetic Dynamics Relative To Energy Metabolism
Per Se Have Come To Light.

Molecular process in fat cells that influences stress and longevity identified

All such dynamics, including those less immediately
impacting on energy metabolism, are likely in play
as to a community energy availability/use stasis.
Link made between genetics, aging

It Now Seems Obvious Such Process Relates To An
Infinity Of Such Epigenetic, Full Community-Benefiting,

This Will Incorporate A Larger View As To Human Genetic


Slightly likelier gay if left handed

Slightly likelier left handed if born in the winter

I thought epigenetic community adaptation to scarcity

I felt this is a reach, needs lots of pressure testing. Then, the following
made it clear the above probably's for real cause the community epigenetic
adaptation "FIRST AVAILABLE FOR WAR" as in the case of earliest
tribal life is so strongly compelling:

Male gays are generally HYPER MASCULINE

Later commenters inordinately discount, it seems,
the apparent intent of the Northwestern researchers
to indicare "IS" in one's genes, the publisher's title
obviously deliberately reflecting that intent.

However, the subject matter reviews in the
related British coverage, next, below, works for
the dynamics described in my paradigms presented
here add to this pairing of dynamics:

--always available for effect
--always available for being effected
There appears being a bio-economic involved; it
appears being firstly, an energy stasis; secondly, there's
a patent first available for war value

This one notwithstanding the Northwestern group's simply
making the genetic point adds what nonetheless in itself
still seems to hold validity:
After a mom has a long string of sons, then it's slightly more
likely she'll have a gay son.

That fits perfectly with "MORE HANDS FEWER MOUTHS" And

These things of course explain why gay males are persistently
attracted to the military despite persistent hostility.

Should psychiatry feel there's a slightly greater masochistic
tendency, all the more compelling. Also, hyper masculinity
explains flamboyance.

This also explains despite naive characterizations to the contrary,
tough guys like J. Edgar Hoover routinely turn out gay.

A British study indicated something on the female side
probably needing better characterization as to what's happening
or even a new set of variation in terms of how gay is even defined;
however, it implies relative to the above that the epigenetic effect
is always available.

I don't know what to say except this almost certainly will
beget re-characterization:

However, it sustains the above.

Finally, when someone like Ann Coulter insists on this:
that explains why people from her walk of life repeatedly
turn up being hypocritical gay people themselves.

As this will likely first be read by physicists frequenting
Scientific American, I'm happy to've supplied the
connections and ideas.

Note, there's more to consider, in a sense as follows:
If A=B, And B=C, then A=C.
In reality, of course, A is not precisely equaling B, here,
but the relationships are perfectly analogous.

There's an autism / hypermasculinity connection:
Autism/Masculinity Connection

There's a theorized Autism-Glyphosate connection:

That implies, it is worth considering that there
may be a connection between
glyphosate and sexual orientation.

As to that, note this, already, as to tobacco:

I'm a public health professional who entered the space
from economics but with full spectrum bio background.
While medical care is economics and epidemiology
all the above, really, combines bio with economics
quite plainly.

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