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22nd Mar 2016 from TwitLonger

It's comics. This IS my lane.

Yes, I am currently working for Marvel Comics. But over the years I've worked for DC, Archie, Valiant, Image, and on properties from WB, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Hanna-Barbera, and even some Power Rangers stuff for Saban. :)

If you take the time to follow my feed, (when I'm not going on and on about Doctor Who) I'm actually plugging a lot of NON-Marvel comics and properties.

The books I most regularly plug are SAGA, Brubaker's Image titles, and Scott & Greg's BATMAN book.

My current favorite American shows are THE FLASH, SUPERGIRL, and RICK & MORTY. (And I am loving the hell out of-- and constantly plugging-- DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW).

And, yes, I AM looking forward to seeing BATMAN V SUPERMAN. The Batman sequences they've shown look incredible! And I have high hopes for the introduction of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.

Have I've gone on and on about the sequence in MOS where Superman kills someone? You bet. To be fair though-- MOST of that is me responding to someone who's asking directly about it. So if your friends who are MOS fans would stop RT'-ing those, chances are it wouldn't show up in your TL-- even if you follow me. So asking THEM to stop, or muting or blocking my Twitter account would easily solve that problem.

The thing that won't stop it, is sniping at me to "stay in my lane".
It is my lane. Because I'm a Superman fan and have been reading Superman comic for over 40 years. I get to travel on that lane.

And for the guys who are the most aggressive and nasty about it online, guess what? DC's paid me to write Superman a number of times. So, to the most internet-butthurt over my opinions about Superman, I outrank you. :-P

Up, up, and away. :-D

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