Those MotoGP Jump Start Rules In Full

14. A red light will be displayed for between 2 and 5 seconds. The red light
will go out to start the race
A safety car will follow behind the motorcycles for the whole of the first
lap. The safety car will overtake slow riders.
If the red lights’ device is fed by normal power (electricity) supply,
it must also be connected to a set of car batteries or to an U.P.S.
(Uninterruptible Power System) to provide power to the starting lights’
device if the electric line breaks down just at the moment of the start.

Any rider who anticipates the start will be required to carry out the
ride through described under Art. 1.19.
The motorcycle must be stationary at the time the red lights are turned
off. Anticipation of the start is defined by the motorcycle moving forward
at the time the red lights are turned off.
In the case of a minor movement and subsequent stop whilst the red
lights are on, the designated officials will be the sole judge of whether
an advantage has been gained.
If a penalty is imposed for taking advantage by anticipating the start
the Race Direction must communicate the penalty to the rider before
the end of the fourth lap.

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