This will be irrelevant to most of my followers

The SJW group the SoK, and @TIHYDP, wanted to try and start shit with me last night for no actual reason. A couple people who went against their group came crawling back to them last night begging for forgiveness, and @TIHYDP (Fred) tried taking advantage of this situation and fabricating a story about this non-existent "Sam Squad", an anti-SoK group who apparently talked shit about the SoK all the time and was trying to take them down.

The SoK was talked about a few times in that group, by the idiots who went crawling back to them, Burn, Boon, and PUK. Boon decided to screencap a few instances of me talking about it in reply to them, and they used those to fabricate this "Sam Squad" story and try to discredit me. People wanted to lie about me, so this post is just to show the actual truth and destroy the lies they tried spewing last night.

There was a DM group that involved these people, and Burn and FunnY, and I was the last person added to that group.

The "Sam Squad" was never broken up, because it never existed in the first place. I was the last person added to that group, and rarely used it. Burn and Boon kept trying to talk shit about the SoK and people like PixelMatt, and Dan and I told them a few times that we were tired of drama posts there. We talked about drama going on a few times, as does the SoK (they shit talk people in those skype calls they have, which is no different). Burn and Fred talked on skype after Fred threatened Burn with releasing a recorded skype call of Burn crying and talking about personal issues. After that call Burn and Fred became buddies again, and I talked to him about that and asked if they were buddies, because he was just talking shit about Fred the day prior to this. He lied to me and said no, and I do not tolerate liars, so I blocked him, then unblocked him, to remove him as a follower. This kicked him from the group, which I did not know would happen. He was added back, then kicked me out of spite and was making hateful tweets about me, which are now deleted. I was added back and kicked him again as a joke, then he was added back and kicked me, and I never rejoined.

This screencap Fred posted was from that original group, and Fred is lying and saying Burn left, when Twitter kicked him.

I then made a separate group to continue talking to my actual friends about random stuff, which is what we did in the other group. The SoK was still brought up, mostly by Boon and PUK, and by me a few times if someone said something stupid, but it never turned into a conversation. They were just quick comments.

Fred (@TIHYDP) tried spreading this fabricated story -
and people actually believed him without him showing any solid evidence to back up the claims he was making -

I called the group irrelevant last night after they started talking about it, because it was completely irrelevant to them, and they tried using that to attack me as well, using screencaps that are taken out of context, not showing what was said before and after. -

So, here is the group conversation in its entirety, 86 screencaps, only things left out are any messages with more personal things on them, not involving any of this SoK shit at all. They said it was an anti-SoK group, and they lied. -

This was a private conversation, so I also got permission from people in the screencaps, which Boon and Fred did not do when posting that shit last night.

Here are Fred and Loophole talking about being in a skype call while they were doing that shit last night. So they think it is okay for them to talk shit about people privately in their own little group, but when someone else talks shit about the SoK in their own group, they think they have to "expose" them and lie about them. Nice try guys :)

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