Dear Pappy & Carbine

To think that Carbine and NCSoft would think the player base of WildStar would be okay with losing such a large chunk of not only its development team but also their community, is completely laughable. I’ve spent the past 6 hours tossing and turning in bed wondering what the future of WildStar is. I’m failing to see anything past a slow closing of the best MMO out there and it’s hugely depressing.

The definition of ‘’best MMO’’ can mean several different things to all MMO players out there. In this case, best means most unique and out of the box. I can understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, having a game challenge you is unusual in this day and age! Okay, trolling aside WildStar had the best community out there which made it the best MMO. But this is all entirely subjective.

Sure, the community has its hardcore elitists who dislike Casuals treading on their toes. Yea, I’ve been called ‘cunt’ ‘whore’ ‘fatass’ ‘bitch’ and ‘noob’ while being involved in the WildStar community, but there are people like that all over the internet. Cowards who can’t say stuff like that to my face so try to have a public platform on places like Reddit.

Thing is, despite those trolls there’s a rather large chunk of amazing people. The nicest, most supportive people you’ll ever meet. These guys will follow you through a storm and carry the umbrella for you even if they have a chance of being struck by lightning. Most of the development team that were let go today were part of that community. They would follow and interact with the player base, even going so far as to have casual, friendly conversation in DMs.

You can’t rip away 70+ people who were so passionate and involved in a community and not suffer backlash. People are doubly left in the dark now (the first was Time travel’s departure). Heck even most of that supportive player base didn’t raid but they still interacted on a day-to-day basis! It feels the only thing Carbine and NCSoft got right was the social media aspect. Losing 70+ people in one go will hurt the game moreso in the long run.

Because of this backlash, I predict they will be shutting down the servers in the next few months after Carbine’s contract runs out with NCSoft. Not only will 70 developers be displaced but the entire fandom of WildStar will be left homeless. Sure there may not be many of us left over these past few years, but we’re a passionate and loyal bunch of people any game would be lucky to have us.

With so many decent looking MMO’s so far over the horizon, WildStar is our last hope. We still have Sunshine (who some argue is bad at her job, she’s still highly passionate about the community and it’s showing tenfold lately, isn’t that part of her job description?), Pappy, Hernco, Tyrius and a few others left. While we cannot trust Omeed (Bug free for f2p!) , can we trust Pappy – who has been here since day 1?

Surely he’s the right man at the top of Carbine currently? He has to be right? It’s his lore, his baby. Pappy, you’re our only hope. Please do whatever you can to keep this game afloat, sell it to another company, repackage and rebrand it, don’t cancel the Steam release, make it alt friendly (heirlooms anyone?) let us breathe life into it again.

I only ask a personal favour- keep WildStar challenging!
Sharina Davenport

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