This is the end of an adventure, my time as a former player in Envyus is over. I'm leaving this team with mainly good memories who are gonna stay for ever as the many big trophies we won as a team. I insist on the word as a team because if I'm here today it's mainly because the team wasn't one anymore. Our cohesion became really bad, the comunnication between players became even worst, we basically lost our soul. I personally found really hard to work in those conditions and couldn't make it through, my point of view is that I can't work that much hours with people you can't communicate with properly or who don't entirely respect you. So there it is, even after everything happened, I still wish them a good future and why not having the boost they needed by bringing a new player. The face I showed those last months wasn't the real me, I will comeback to my highest level where I was feeling comfortable and I will bounce back stronger than ever.

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