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7th Mar 2016 from TwitLonger

Yesterday in online wrestling outrage: Roderick Strong uses the word 'fag' at PWG show in reference to Zach Sabre Jr, who on a previous show had insulted Roddy by refering to him & Adam Cole sucking each other's dicks (which got no outrage because reasons).

Roddy IMMEDIATLY went on his twitter and apologized for using the word. He didn't wait for anyone to call him out on it. He owned it.

Apparently that is not enough for some people. They want his head or PWG's head or... I'm not even sure really. As usual when people get outraged about things online it's hard to know what they want other than everyone to pay attention to them & note they are outraged. One person actually tried to spin it as Roddy only apologized to Zach on twitter, not to the fans he might have offended. Yet this person, who seems to be anti-Roddy & PWG, found the tweet. So I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume actual PWG fans who may have been offended got the message as well.

Is there anyone on this planet who has never been involved in some sort of athletic competition where you get caught up in the moment and say or do something you regret? Or how about getting in a fight with a friend, family member or boyfriend/girlfriend where you blurt out things you immediatly regret? Imagine what a world this would be if there was no such thing as forgiveness. We'd all hate each other and be condemned to eternal loneliness.

Roderick Strong is clearly a terrible human being who needs to be publicly shamed & beg for forgiveness. He clearly is not made of the morale fibre these outraged folks on the internet are. Personally, my goal in life is striving to be as angelic as folks part of this online outrage club. The ones who do no wrong & are the first to be right there pointing out when others have made a mistake so they can white knight themselves at their expense. I want to be more like David Bixenspan who has clearly never EVER said anything he might regret and wish he could take back.

Never mind the entire other issue of people who weren't in the building, or in the same state, or in the same country who instantly reacted to an incorrect tweet that suggested fans in the building started chanting 'faggot'. These outraged folks took this opportunity to shit all over PWG & the PWG fans without even waiting to get all the facts. As confirmed by MANY people what actually happened was 2 or 3 drunk assholes tried to chant it and were not only shut down but also threatened physically by many fans nearby. Maybe next time we don't try to push an agenda and wait for the facts to come out instead of reacting to something that happened 120 seconds beforehand? Was the Cageside Seats article on Roderick Strong & PWG being anti-gay already written before the PWG show ended?

Nothing I'm writing is condoning what Roderick Strong said. Roderick Strong doesn't even condone what Roderick Strong said. My issue is with you assholes who treat people 100% the opposite than how you'd want to be treated. We all make mistakes. How we respond to those mistakes should count for something. Fuck the outrage police gimmick & act like human fucking beings once in a while.

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