My departure from RETRO Magazine and the Coleco Chameleon

After 3 long years, it's sad for me to say that I have officially stepped down from RETRO Magazine. It's not a big shocker to admit that everything going on with the #ColecoChameleon is a major reason why I have to separate myself from everything associated with it.

I am not aiming to throw anyone under the bus for why things went south with the project. The blame is shared by all on the team, including myself. With that, I apologize for any ignorance on my part for not fully following through with my desire for the truth when speaking about the console. Instead I allowed myself to become a vessel for misinformation, and for that I am again sorry.

Those of you who believe we were simply trying to scam consumers or take advantage of the retro gaming community don't know the whole picture. There was no ill intent or maliciousness on the part of the team. All we had in mind was to make a modern day retro-inspired console, nothing more and nothing less. I won't go into specifics as to what went wrong (especially since none of us know the full story yet), although I will apologize on behalf of the team for the poor messaging of the product and the way we handled interacting with the community.

Issue 11 of the magazine will be the last of my contributions. I wish Mike Kennedy, David Craddock, and the rest of the RETRO team the best of luck as they look to move forward without me as Managing Editor of RETRO Magazine and host of the Talk RETRO podcast. I have not decided yet exactly what I will be doing next after this, but there are some avenues open to me now which I wish to pursue. For now, a much needed break from gaming-related drama is in order. Take care.

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