DayZ on console clarity

Since we get this this quite often, and it appears to be a constant source of confusion, we wanted to clear up a major misconception.

We never promised a Q1 2016 release of DayZ on console. What was said, is that we intended to have an internal, playable version for in-house testing by the above stated quarter. We do.

We're obviously as excited as everyone else about console, but logically, fans should expect that getting PC where we want it to be is priority, and console isn't going to leapfrog that. Essentially, don't expect a surprise DayZ console drop before/during beta on PC. It's not gonna happen.

Finally, when we do have news to share regarding console updates, trust us, you won't have to ask. We'll be sharing that information on as many viable outlets as possible.

Relax, have patience, it is definitely coming.


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