Update regarding Infused

So due to a series of unfortunate events, Infused has dropped support for the ESL premiership League of Legends team. I completely understand this decision and probably would have done the same thing if I was Andrew (owner of Infused). The reason they dropped support for us was because of the number of default wins being awarded to opponent teams (and that players of Infused need to represent the organization - "Infused Cliff" should not have been toxic, especially under that name).

However, looking towards the future, I personally thought it would be better to disband at this point and try again next season. However after talking to the players, the majority of them want to continue playing (albeit not as seriously as we were taking it before). ESL have spoken to both Andrew and I and we've agreed on us keeping the spot while agreeing to a name change so we no longer represent Infused.

Any game from here on out will probably not represent our skill ceiling.

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