Dan Slott · @DanSlott

3rd Mar 2016 from TwitLonger

Whenever a teen uses a gun that came from their own house in a shooting, and gun right's activists call it a "stolen gun", there's an intellectual dishonesty at work.

It's stolen in the same way that a kid steals $100 out of their mom's purse, or steals liquor out of the liquor cabinet, or steals their parents' car out of the garage.

These aren't "stolen" guns, in as much as they're a family's guns that were improperly locked up or secured. This is far more endemic of our sick need to have weapon arsenals in our own homes, then it is people stealing guns. It's more of a symptom of the fact that Americans own more guns per citizen-- by an insanely wide margin-- than the citizens of any other developed country on the planet.

We have a gun problem. And part of that problem is the dishonest spin that gun right's activists bring to the issue.

This recent feature by Vox does an excellent job of laying out straight forward facts about where we are today with our nationwide gun problem:

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