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On Shaming, On Economic & Biomedical Levels

Our own time demonstrates shaming can be
a privatized community dynamic.

It obviously takes an abstract imprint, variably.

Thus, the drug user might be executed, or imprisoned,
while the fat dad will be the prosecutor.

One taxpayer financed scapegoating campaign after
another aimed at proving welfare recipients are drug
users have many times consistently proved the opposite,
while those claiming the shaming mantle literally turn
good into bad and bad into good by scapegoating the
vulnerable, ripping off dutiful savers and actual bubble
sellers, and also, in the course of applying non-democracy
(non-equality) and non-health (feelings of self importance
or insecurity needing pacification at others’ expense)
have replaced wholesome sustenance with low cost high
margin privatized poison

and destroyed the habitat.
(Isn’t that like saying I prostitute myself as I prostitute my wife?_
Fat fathers affect daughters' health
Female offspring of male rats on bad diets are more likely to develop diabetes-like disease.

Tribalist based community character incorporates
a universal disregard of universal imperfection.

This is one thing that can work against a community
character conducive to survival at a time when
tribalist community character is too destructive.
Inequality lends itself to control and arrogance as
defining political forces.

Our own time reflects how this is due to be put to
rest, though this is not to say humans are due to
change their character; except, perhaps their infinity
of variation within a central core defining human
character is in fact due for a slight, slight,
down regulating of the fight or flight instinct.

It seems possible a community recognition of same could
influence fight or flight chemistry so as to impart
a slight, slight heritable (epigenetic) effect.

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