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28th Feb 2016 from TwitLonger

The past and the future - Thanks for supporting me guys, it means a lot! <3

Heeeey! I have decided to part ways with Huma(surpriseeeeeee). I had a few offers coming in and I felt like the situation in Huma was currently a situation I could not work with. There were a lot of issues within Huma, I do not want to go into details, but those issues created a huge distraction and didn’t allow me to focus on League. I felt like a lot of my time would be wasted on doing other things and it would eventually make me stressed because I would be working from I woke up till I went to bed and have conversations with different people during the night trying to solve the issues.

As I said, there were a lot of issues on Huma, and some of them have been published, but I also want to say that the articles that have been released are not pure facts. There were things in those articles that I know weren't true, but obviously there is some truth to the article and that's the main reason I parted ways with Huma.

I really enjoyed working with my 4 teammates(Holy, Godbro, Werlyb and Kaas), they were awesome people and they tried their hardest to make the team a success. Kubz and Kami worked hard to make the team stronger and I appreciate their hard work, especially considering they did not get anything out of it. I think they were one of the reasons why we were successful in the challenger series but sadly things did not work out the way we wanted it to.

During the time on Huma I felt like we as a team were lied to A LOT. In the end, I did not know what to believe or not and when I originally was contacted by different teams, I had declined all offers because I felt like we finally had built something strong on Huma and we would, quite frankly, be dominant moving forward and easily make it into the LCS, but then some other things came up on top of everything else and I luckily still had my offers on the table and I decided to go with Ember because to me they were a great organization that I see a bright future on. I also know some of the players on the team very well(Goldenglue/Greyson and LOD/Benjamin), I worked with those two during my time on CST and I´ve missed playing with them a lot so I am happy being able to play with them again. The management on Ember also seemed very professional and the other players on the team (Stunt and Solo) seemed like nice people and me arriving yesterday proved my thoughts.

All the players/management that I have met so far has taken me in with open arms and I am sure moving forward that I will be very happy on this team. I am very grateful for getting the opportunity I have received on Ember and I will do anything I can to make this work. I will hopefully prove a lot of people wrong, I think me being a green ward is not a thing anymore, I have improved a lot over the last few months and I am in a completely different state of mind where I now feel confident in myself again and therefore I think you can at least upgrade me to a Pink ward (Pinks have impact on the map). I will do my best to help Ember make LCS, it´s something we have in reach and we just have to work hard and we'll get there. I hope the best for my former teammates and I hope they can still manage to get into the LCS without me, I believe in them and I wish them the best in the future!

To all my fans out there, I am really happy that you've continued to follow and support me wherever I go and always believe in me and I can finally get back to streaming soon! I might not be streaming before playoffs/promotions are done, because I want to make sure I put everything into it and I want to make sure looking back that I know that I´ve done any and everything I could, but maybe I can get to stream a few times during this month, we will see! I won't promise anything though. Hope you are all having a good day and stay awesome! <3

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