Crouching stance is seiza, holding down forward (3) has Kum slide forward while still in seiza, looks surreal.
The super where she strikes with both hands can alter the opponent's positioning if they are in range (like magnetism). Full charge makes it unblockable.
Her concept is changing her specials through additional inputs on the lever, and you can alter the properties on her 623K and j.214K with the lever.
ArcSys confirmed Kum is a link based character.

Regular movement is slow
Dash and backdash disappear mid-way through, airdash is like a hang glider glide.
His reach is long between this long and thin needles and Dhalsim-esque stretchy normals.
6K: a kick that hits high up
2K: a vertical stomp from the air (poster wrote 2K, but I think he means j.2K?)
6H: long reaching attack that attacks diagonally upwards

Specials (he doesn't cover everything afaik because he's clearly missing the projectile that slows the opponent):
Counter like stance that allows him to tank damage which increases his specials' strengths. Countering takes hp damage, but after a while it regenerates.
A multi-hit projectile that stays in one place like Jedah's Dio Sega (air ok)
Long reaching scratch with his nails.
Stretches his arm and does a command grab

A Psycho Crusher-esque rushing move where he covers himself in nails
A stabbing move with the needles that's like Rock's Ranbu

Raven grabs the opponent by the neck and lifts them up, you can't see Raven's face, a pillar rises up and only Raven's hand emerges from a sand dune (?? idk if i'm right here this sounds weird)

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