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27th Feb 2016 from TwitLonger

The situation with Izaw, and why he is a liar

First of all, this is a very dumb situation. And I'm only commenting on this because Izaw is twisting around the situation online to make himself look good and reasonable when it's the complete opposite.

So I'm going to copy paste my comment from Smashboards that explains well the beginning of it all:

Hey there Link boards!

I come here due to finding out via a mod PM'ing me about the situation.

So let me explain: After Genesis 3 I decided to play a Link ditto MM with Izaw because I thought that would be fun that's why I wanted to go Link, not because I went there with the intention to win (Otherwise, why not go my actual tournament mains...). So yes, we did play. He ended up winning 2 close games, and taking it, so yes, it happened, but what happened next was that he insisted on saving the replays. I mentioned to him I didn't want there to be replays, (EDIT: Mentioned this before hand) because they'd be uploaded, and I just don't enjoy how seriously people take these things furthermore, I knew Izaw had a thing for bragging online, and I personally didn't want to be the medium for him to do that. I just wanted to play a set, and that's all. But that's never what it ends up being.

He then proceeded to bother my friends for weeks for them to send them over to him, to the point of harassing online, eventually my friend told me (and it's how I found out he was reaching out to them about this, because I wasn't aware anything was happening) what was going on because he was sick of getting harassed and wanted him to stop, so he wanted me to say something to him. I then said what I said to him in person, so no.

He continued to harass my friend who eventually got tired of it and simply gave the replays to him under the condition that he wouldn't put them online (He kept saying that he wasn't going to, and he just wanted to watch them as a souvenir from coming to America to play and that he was just a fan of me).

He then uploaded the set, and proceeded to post it everywhere on twitter, facebook and even here from what I just saw, clearly lying to me and my friend and going against his word.

Why am I posting here about this? To clear the situation up. I don't like the whole ordeal this video caused. And also because the video isn't available anymore.

I messaged him recently about this after finding out he went against his word, and he apologized and deleted it.

Hope this clears everything up.

He then apologized and deleted the video. I thought that was it.

He then messaged me saying he needed to upload it, because other people wanted to see it and he was getting peer pressured due to comments, furthermore, that I shouldn't take this as him bragging (Another Link player PM'ed me and showed me examples of him bragging and what not) and it's just 'For Fun' (Then if it is, let it be where it is) - I mentioned the following to that:

K man, in your message you wanted to uploaded it because you were getting peer pressured from comments.
I'm not supposed to care about that (You got yourself there), furthermore, I have no reason to be nice to you based on the way you went about this.
At the end of the day, the only reason you got those replays is because you basically harassed somebody online for a month.
And you tell me you lost respect for me? How about you learn to respect people in general with that one?
You think it was OK to message like 5 people in my house constantly for a month, telling them all sob stories so you could get things your way? Most of them straight up fabricated lies or comments to make them feel bad? Want me to quote that here? And the moment I decide to say NO, because I'm half of what you want to upload, then I'm not reasonable?

Let that sink in.

Besides, let's be super honest here. If this was really just a few replays for fun, you wouldn't care anywhere this much, so you obviously have more reasons than that.

P.S: He said he lost respect for me and blocked me before I could respond one of his messages, shows the type of person he is really well I'd say.


Finally, Elessar, a Link player from Smashboards, decided to pick apart Izaw's entire post and show how he really is:
Oh my, oh my. Am I going to have a field day with this.

First of all, @TSM ZeRo , I want to know that I support you and I'm sorry such a stupid thing as this is escalating so fast.

Now, the the matter at hand:

Izaw said: ↑

You know what, I have decided to re-upload it out of my own principles and if some of you disagree with my decision, well then I'm sorry to disappoint.

Here's the story, after this MM that was PURELY FOR FUN, I asked ZeRo to connect the Wii U to wifi and send me the replays. He said 'No'.

If it was purely for fun, why was it so important for you to the point where you mentioned it in multiple posts and threads. Not only that but you said that "[You] 2 stocked zeros villager with 24% damage taken on me. He got really salty and wanted to money match me, because he wanted to prove he could beat my Link with his Link, cuz apparently his Link had beat every other Link. So I accepted, and I outplayed him and won 2-0. The matches will be up at some point soon when I'm done traveling.". This clearly wasn't "for fun" for you, but rather "for glory" (I'm not even sorry). Also, he was in his right to not want to replays saved nor uploaded, he's in them after all so they're as much HIS replays and their YOURS. There's nor so even considering they were recorded on a Wii U that did not belong to you but to one of his friends.

Izaw said: ↑

So I decided to message ZeRo's friends and bother them until I got sent the replays.

Why did you do this? If the match was only for fun, as you fraudulently already stated, why then start bothering people? This shows that this one set was extremely important for you, not just a "let's have fun" thing. Since Zero said no, you decided from day 1 to ignore what he wanted (way to respect someone) and go behind their backs to do something they asked you not to.

Izaw said: ↑

I told them it was purely for having the replays as a "souvenir", and that I wouldn't upload the matches. Which were my intentions.

I don't get this, where your intentions to keep it as a souvenir, or to upload them from day one? Because if it was only as a souvenir, why bother them so much, why harass? This really makes no sense in light of the rest of the evidence you presented.

Izaw said: ↑

I bothered them SO MUCH that I finally got the replays 2 hours before the new patch, imagine my stress and anxiousness.

2 hours before the patch that come out on the 4th of February? So this means that, if you played zero let's say two days after genesis ont he 19th of January, you pestered a stranger for 15 days, for TWO WEEKS over an allegedly inconsequential, for fun replay? You realize that this is insane, don't you? This doesn't show respect, this is not how you behave when something is trivial. you wanted bragging rights.

Also, you mentioned these replays on the day of the patch. This shows that the moment you received them you already had intentions of uploading them.

Izaw said: ↑

I'm aware of that this was bad, but it was the only way.

If you realize is was bad, then why do it? Also, the only way for what? To obtain the replays so you could upload them and get cred?

Izaw said: ↑

When I came home I got a lot of hateful messages from tons of people telling me I was liar for not uploading the ZeRo MM if I really did win it.

You lie.

Izaw said: ↑

I 2 stocked zeros villager with 24% damage taken on me. He got really salty and wanted to money match me, because he wanted to prove he could beat my Link with his Link, cuz apparently his Link had beat every other Link. So I accepted, and I outplayed him and won 2-0. The matches will be up at some point soon when I'm done traveling.

(EDIT from ZeRo: I like how he avoided to mention how my Villager beat him like every other match, I suppose you gotta only mention your one match)

You stated on the same post where you said that this match happened that you were going to upload them. These were your intentions from day one. You didn't upload them because nobody believed you, or else you wouldn't mention the intention of uploading them on the same post where you mentioned them int he first place. This is what shows that what you said before, that your intentions were just a souvenir, are a lie.

Izaw said: ↑

I told them the match was for fun and that it wasn't anything serious anyway. The hate continued.

You lie again. You stated, here and in other threads, that this was serious. I just linked to the original post above. You didn't receive any hate before explicitly stating that you had intentions of uploading it.

Izaw said: ↑

So I decided end it by uploading the set.

The only thing you ended, hopefully, is your credibility.

Izaw said: ↑

After uploading it I got a message from ZeRo, he wasn't pleased and felt disrespected. I did wrong, I did something bad, I broke the promise, I lied.

How are you the victim when you, in your words, did wrong, did something bad, broke a promise, and LIED? How on earth can we sympathize with someone who, not only acknowledges to having done this, but is UNREPENTANT? And PROUD even?

Izaw said: ↑

I respected him, apologized and deleted the set.
Even tho he threatened me to go all out on "social media" about it.

No, you did not respect him, or else you would've respected his wishes instead of going behind his back, harassing his friends, and planning to intentionally betray his trust and wishes. You sure have a funny understanding of "respect".

Izaw said: ↑

After a couple of days I messaged him asking him if I could re-upload the set, the set had 17.000k views before it got deleted, so basically everyone had already seen it.

After a couple of days? Today is a couple of days after it was deleted. You deleted the video on Thursday. You uploaded it again today. That means that you either messaged him on the same day, one day afterwards, or just an hour ago and had very little difficulty in deciding to ignore his opinion. Also, you had said it was 18k views, not 17k (nitpicking, I know). Also, is 18k really everybody? You have a very small mind if that is so. Also, if everybody has already seen it, why uploading it again?

Izaw said: ↑

Apparently the set brought a lot of match up knowledge, hope, excitement and inspiration for a lot of viewers, and all of them were disappointed that it was deleted.

All of them where disappointed? Did they text you? Did they complain? Also, what hope? Stop trying to paint you as the hero of the common folk. If you inspire anyone it's always based on misinformation and lies, like hyping up your random opponents in Brawl by saying that they were the best [insert character]. Also, MU knowledge on what? A ditto match? a LINK ditto match? because surely that is a MU we ALL need to learn because we'll be facing so many Links in tourneys right? Also, MU knowledge? from playing someone who clearly is playing a character they don't know very well? Sorry Zero, but really, when I look at your Link I see you playing other chars in Link. You're a great player, but not a great Link main (which is ok because you're not a Link main).

Izaw said: ↑

I asked for his approval to upload it purely for the sake of "fun/entertaining/informative/inspiring".

You're really full of yourself, aren't you? Specially considering you copy pasted this same crap on your youtube video description. Aso, why even bother asking for approval if you had no intentions of respecting them? Oh wait, sorry, I forgot what respect means to you.

Izaw said: ↑

His response was: "I don't care if people want it or not, I don't care if you want it or not. I say no and that's the end of it."

You are aware that he is in his right? This doesn't paint him in a bad light at all. It was his replay, his image on the line. Why would he care about what other people want regarding his private property (that is, his image and replay)? It's like someone asking me to lend them my Wii U. If I don't want it, that it's, it's mine. I don't care what anybody says.

Izaw said: ↑

I respected this man,

NO YOU DIDN'T. Or esle you would have respected his wishes from day one, which you didn't do as I showed before. Heck, if you respected him you wouldn't have saved the replay after he told you not to save them. I can only imagine how much you must've surely whined so he would relent.

Izaw said: ↑

but I didn't respect this reply at all. He has no privilege to tell me what I can do with my channel and boss me around, that's not how things work.

You mean, just like you have no "priviledge" (the right word is right btw) in deciding what to do with HIS image? Or in harassing for two weeks several people to get a stupid replay? Or in annoying all of us with this? You can do whatever you want with your channel, but you can't use another's person image, name, appearance, or products (the cartoon you use for the thumbnail of the video, that's Zero's property, his logo, not yours. He owns it, not you) because if you do, without permission, it's a crime. You did know that, didn't you? Considering how in the past you have reported other people's videos and channels so that replays of you losing would get deleted from youtube.

Izaw said: ↑

These are not "his" matches to decide over, and expect a simple "No, because I say so, I don't care what you and other people want." to be valid and respectful reason.

But they are HIS matches as much as they are yours. Why are they more yours, considering you didn't have them, they weren't played on your wii u, and that he's also in them? These are his matches just as much as they are yours. And his reason is as good as any when it comes to private property. These matches aren't an heirlom of humanity, that we all deserve to watch them or have the right to. These are private matches.

Izaw said: ↑

Well, and eye for an eye then. You'll get treated the way you treat people.

You know, this is quite hypocritical. But keep on saying it, as long as you remember that the same thing needs to apply to you.

Izaw said: ↑

In response: I don't care what he wants. I now want to upload it. And it's going to stay uploaded.


Unless someone were to report the video to youtube, for copyright infringement.

I remember stories Izaw of you never uploading matches were you lose. Never. Of other people in the European community saying that during tourneys, when nobody was watching you'd delete all replays of you losing during brawl. Of you throwing a hissy fit any time anyone uploaded a match of you losing.

You're really pathetic.


And that's basically the situation. To be frank, if I really did have an ego of not wanting to lose matches, I'd simply never go to a tournament. But I go to tournaments, all the time, and lose matches, and those are always recorded, streamed and shown everywhere. As you can tell, I've never thrown a fit over that, because it's how it goes and I don't care too much, but I did care about being the medium for somebody to brag over something meaningless to make them sound much better than they really are. That's not OK with me.

And if I was really a 'Sore Loser' like Izaw is trying to depict me, you would have seen me rage at MLG finals where I lost my streak to Nairo, but if I recall, you see nothing but respect to my good friend from me, and a hug. And praise from me online even. That's my spirit as a competitor. I like competition, and I respect that.

That isn't changing.

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