Kum & Raven info dump 27th Feb

Kum has a ground dash and an air dash. Normal's seem to have overall short reach. And in the win animation Kum is really cute.

236S is a fast projectile, 236H is a slow startup projectile, no air projectile. 623K is an invul DP. 236H's RC timing is quite late.

Kum does not have K>S gatlings on the ground.

Kum's S projectile is 1 hit, and you can stop it in front of her hands to be controlled. While controlling the projectile, Kum sits in seiza and is in recovery, and you can only move the projectile left or right. H projectile is 3 hits. Super projectile can be moved however you like.

Aside from 236S/H projectile, Kum's special moves are 623K, a DP, that becomes a rushing move with various followups when held (623[K]). j.214K is a kick move who's trajectory can be altered with the lever. Grounded 214K's charge kick seems to be a combo move.

I didn't get to play Kum, but her mobility is not high, so if the opponent is running away it's hard to catch them. Her single hit damage is high, and RCing into her charged special move seems to have a lot of comeback / momentum shifting potential. Setplay from throw into having the projectile hit from the back seems interesting.

He has two projectiles? A needle that slows the opponent and a multi-hitting horizontally-stagnating (idk what this means lol, maybe that it slows down to a stop as it moves horizontaly/) projectile. He can do them in the air.

Raven's counter has him take damage. It can stop supers (faust's kancho hits but Raven is unaffected and it doesn't go into animation). Taking damage does not cancel the counter stance. After cancelling the counter, the damage taken during it regenerates after a while.

Damage taken during counter seems to be the same amount as normal damage.

The needle projectile's slow effect seems to last about 1 second. Does not slow on block.

Forward airdash has a hitbox that has gatling routes, allowing for combos off airdash. Trajectory changes based on height. "Excitement gauge" (official name) can be held to extend the duration, it fills over time even if you dont hit him during the special. Getting hit once during the counter gives his super 5 more hits.

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