Why i left setinel and what happened

So when i left Immunity(Hellions) i had multiple offers from both opl to ool teams.

Nada one of few players i respect approached me with some interesting idea of "korean imports".

But that alone wasnt enough to convince me since i wasnt sure if NIght and XXX wasnt real or not, but turns out they were both real people that were willing to come to OCE and play. We all had a passion to finish ocs invitational then win ocs and our split goal was to make it to OPL.

But of course there were some major draft backs to up coming plans...

Firstly When night arrived our scrims were actually pretty decent, but as days past his plays were geting alot worse, Of couse i was curious to see why hes so exhausted and agitated during the scrim.

Turns out Night has been sleeping in a really terrible house no help what so ever from the org itself (pretty much left alone in BIG city as sydney).

As a player its frustrating having such a up down when it comes to scrim (sometimes we would go well against top tier opl teams sometimes we just ff 15min against ool team because night is feeling shit)

Sentinel told everyone "just hang in there we will get "gaming house" for geon and our top laner soon.

I just wanted Night to live in a stable house with stable net nothing more or less.

Anyways here comes the big OCS invitational, we managed to go 6-0 and ace the tourny (because night was in a good mood).

Then suddenly Our owner told us next day that the "gaming house" plan wasnt going to happen due to some MORE draftbacks

At this point I was FURIOUS to hear what he said. It just blew my mind and at this point i no longer could take the org itself serious ( i wanted to leave at this point).

But some of the team members convinced me to stay and play until ocs finishes, so i decided to stay and play.

Night still living in a real bad condition started affecting his mentality and affecting our scrims even more. He would even call everyone on the team "YOU F*** S***ERS" and call us some nasty words, then next day he would apologise (this happened like 6 times?? lol)

Anyhow comes early February the org doesnt know what to do with Night so they decide to give him some more allowance. Of course this didnt last long

Comes few days later Night had an arguement with the org itself and i decided to hear whats wrong. So the problem was to send Night to one of the owners house and get him stable net/house ect.

But Night refused to go since he had to move to Canberra since he had already made lots of friend (including Luha) and his girlfriend. There was no agreement between both parties until our analyst decided to help out and let Night stay at his house until we get our "Gaming house". Finally both parties agree and we moved on......

Until last week.... after scrims Night told our manager that he wants to replace EVERYONE on the team because he thought we werent good enough to play. The org told us everyone will be on "trial" and be expected to be replaced if performed poorly. So poor illusion was Nights target and the org decided to replace illusion Immediately without consulting illusion whats happening first.

At this point i just had enough with the org itself, like how could you just replace someone because Night just said so??

After the loss against Chief Black the tension between Night and org has gotten worse, this time the org decided to kick/left Night (not sure if he left or got kicked tbh).

So my mind was just blown out of this world when i heard this.Night kicked illusion but he got kicked from the org.....

so this week's ocs we now had to find a mid laner to play for us in OCS. But we didnt have time to find a mid laner so Illusion got to play mid for us this week.

Anyhow as a decent human being (unlike Night) i decided to play for Sentinel one last time before i left because i didnt want to be a jerk and not play ocs.

It was unfortunate that we lost but we played pretty well with almost 2 subs :)

Anyhow thats pretty much what happened from my pov but it was just a "unlucky" situtation to be in for me.

TLDR: bad un organised org ,Night is toxic, players were wonderful

Whats happening to me in the future??

I plan to become a coach/sub/caster/player? for now. I still really enjoy being in the opl/ocs scene and i want to see OCE as a whole develop into better scene so if you want some coaching i am always keen to help out (i was the one who recommended Wzrd to trident :P
sorry bma)

so if you have any questions/offers for me just PM in game or twitter.

Moral of this story?? Everything in life is an experience and hopefully i wont be in this kind of situation in the future.

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