On killa, sinful, & COD

killa: A week prior to UMG a CWL team did inquire about Adam. As it would not make sense to dismantle our team so soon before the event, we let this team know that we could discuss it following the competition. Now that UMG is behind us, we've let this team know he is available, and they plan to follow up with him. We have nothing negative to say about killa, as he performed well at UMG and we wish him the absolute best in his future.

sinful: Jon was an absolute pleasure to work with and was not removed for attitude or performance reasons. He was very professional during all our interactions with him and remained respectful to staff, admins, and players throughout the entirety of the event. He was kind enough to swap to Claw when it was clear that his SCUF was not going to be viable on the main stage, allowing the event to continue without another delay. While the changes taking place to our COD division ultimately resulted in his removal from the roster, we wish him the best of luck and are sure he'll land on his feet.

COD: We're looking to share the changes we're making to the COD division over the course of the next couple days.

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