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16th Feb 2016 from TwitLonger

Cya Turkey.

Hello twitter. I've decided myself to step down as BJK coach taking place immediately. Manager Ali will take over.

The roster itself have so much potential, however I don't think I'll be the one helping them reaching their final form as a team. Game knowledgewise I see no problems with me staying, however the infrastructure in Turkey isn't developed enough to have several coaches/analysts and I don't see myself as a good life AND strategic coach and I think a lifecoach will fit better right now to make the develop.

I tried my hardest, but the problem lies way deeper then picking 5 champions and winning the game purely by skill. It's hard for me to balance being a good team friend and being a boss at the same time and I think we have come to a certain point where we need someone more vocal.

I would like to say thanks to Besiktas management (Mehmet, Berk, Murat, Hande.) for giving me a chance and believing in me. You're all awesome and this was definatly a good experience. I just don't think commiting to esports is something for me right now, I have some people at home that I really want to spend time with and a full time commitment 2200 kilometers from home isn't ideal.

For the players, I wish you all the best. You all have the individual skill to become the best team Turkey have ever seen - I know you can and will fix the problems the team has before playoffs and go to MSI and worlds. It was fun getting to know and work with you. Just remember to keep your focus on the right things. Extra shoutout to Hibiki who usually dont get much recognition when we win. Perfect guy to work with, always willing to learn and improve and one of the best western Alistar players without even exaggerating it. Will miss you guys.

It was awesome meeting a lot of new people outside the team as well. Hatrixx, Auspexa, Cognac & Lukezy just to mention a few. All great guys and I wish all teams in TCL good luck, but in the end we all know BJK will end up on the throne.

Personally, it's time for new adventures. (See you at the local bar.) I still do (not) care about your disgusting lifes. Love, Blumiganovic.

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