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10th Feb 2016 from TwitLonger

#Assange response on PM David Cameron

UK PM David Cameron has just stated in Parliament that Julian Assange
is 'wanted for trial'. This is false. Julian Assange is not 'wanted
for trial' in Sweden -- he has not even been charged with a crime.


Wed Feb 10 14:02:14 2016 GMT

I see that the Prime Minister, barricading himself in the legal
impunity of Parliament has decided to libel me. Let him step outside
and try. Not only am I not 'wanted for trial', I haven't even been charged, have
previously been cleared and the woman herself says the police made it up
and 'railroaded' her.

I have already previously been found to be innocent by the
chief prosecutor of Stockholm who closed the case, before it was corruptly
resurrected by another prosecutor after political interference.

Even the current Swedish prosecutor and courts state that the 'proceedings' are a
'preliminary investigation'. Of course it is absurd that someone could
be extradited under such circumstances--which is why the UK Parliament
banned all future attempts at the practice in 2014.

The current Swedish prosecutor states "According to Swedish law, a
decision to prosecute may not be taken at the stage that the
preliminary investigation [relating to Assange] is currently at." (see
letter from the Swedish prosecutor to the UK Crown Prosecution Service

I have been granted asylum in relation to the United States which has
very serious pending prosecution against me, last confirmed in
December 2015. Sweden has a 100% extradition rate to the United States
over the last 15 years. The UK has a 90% extradition rate. Both
countries so far refuse to abide by their asylum law obligations under the
1951 Convention on Refugees and veto an extradition to the US. 59 legal rights
groups have made complaints to the UN about the situation, including two from
Sweden. The Cameron government cannot accept the comptency of the UN to hear
the matter, take part in 16 months of adverserial submissions to the tribunal and then,
then, when it loses try and wriggle out of the result. David Cameron is a sore loser.
We can only imagine the government's gloating response if it had won.
It is not a credible way to behave. Either accept the verdict of the umpire or don't
walk onto the field in the first place.

See and for
full citations

Julian Assange

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