I want to take a moment to respond to some accusations publicly addressed to me, after which I don’t plan to entertain this slander any further. To suggest that I had something to do with anyone's break up is irresponsible, untrue and defamatory. I respect and have enjoyed watching Nina Dobrev grow through her adventurous spirit in life. To me, she embodies a lot of the "live life" principles I relate to and can respect. Bringing her into this nonsense only speaks volumes and it is my wish that she may find the freedom from it as much as I wish freedom from it.

My blogs aren't about actors, characters, or people (unless specified that they are), shipping, teams, sides, labels, or camps. My blogs are about change, ideas and causes affecting humanity. I'm not writing for fans; for that you can visit just jared, celebrity laundry, TMZ, fandom groups, and you can easily access these sites by doing a simple search for your desires. I am not manipulating young fans. I do however have an interest in engaging advocates, activists and fellow changes makers with broader conversations and diversity of thought. My blog and my thoughts expressed there are not directed to "fans” and are not about specific people. They are however about things I have learned, things that motivate me, or confuse me and are predominately inspired by questions posed. In this same spirit, I often post quotes that reflect how I feel at any given time, and if you connect those posts to someone specific, that’s a reflection of how YOU feel.

I will clearly share that I have never met or emailed the author of the recent article published, nor did I have ANY communication with the publisher or ANY communication with anyone about the creation, generation or anything to do with it. People have opinions, thoughts and ideas, even ethics or principles that are their own and not at all “manipulated” by me—it's novel I know. That article was sent to me quite quickly after it went out, and my comment posted directly on that article was in support of nonjudgmental dialogue and asserted that no one should shame or judge anyone and that this behavior is exactly what holds us all back from positive world change. I have never said to anyone I was close to any family other than my own. These accusations are untrue and are exactly what continues to fuel unnecessary “feuds” and he said/she-said behavior. I want no part of this behavior and have done my best to unfollow, unfriend, and block anyone who engages in it.

If you are interested in this type of nonsense, please unfollow, block and/or unfriend me. I will not be upset, hurt, or remotely impacted. I am more motivated today than yesterday to pursue change and engage youth in taking action to improve the world. I will continue to open dialogues about topics that either intrigue me, inspire me, scare me, concern me or motivate me. If you wish to focus on people, camps, gossip, and unfounded accusations you are more than welcome to do so. I will simply no longer be engaging with any aspect of it, as it only adds to the behavior I don't want to see.

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