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27th Jan 2016 from TwitLonger

Why sensible Star Citizen backers should be up in arms RIGHT NOW!!


Back when I said Star Marine was canceled, most looked at me funny.

Then I said this was just another money making hack job within the confines of CryEngine editor. Well, it went sideways pretty quick.

Remember this?


The reason it's "canceled" is a lot more ominous.

Simply put. It was a different module designed as a SELLING point. A premise that has now run its course. That aside from the fact that practically none of what was in this module, is currently in the Persistent Universe (aka Star Citizen). Why? Because:

1) it was designed/developed using a different engine build

2) it can't be merged into the 2.x (current) kernel because; well, bad decisions

So they scrapped it. And when you've got over $106M of OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, you can trash a $20M+ portion of a project and not bat an eyelid.

Aside from that, the Shitizens keep trying to pin the blame on Illfonic, the studio originally hired to build Star Marine. They're trying to blame this indie studio for a project they had zero control over and which was suddenly taken away from them. And instead of Chris coming clean - on the record - and clearing the air, he's busy peddling bullshit and watching the rabid fan base harass and blame Illfonic. And since they can't defend themselves - something that's bound to have far reaching consequences (NDA notwithstanding) - that's the narrative now being peddled, that this was all their fault, that their work couldn't be used in the PU etc.

And they're about to do the same shit by ramping up production on Squadron 42 (the Wing Commander type game that Chris is well on his way to ruining according to sources), which invariable is going to put the PU development into a "maintenance" mode because they've already tapped out on the money grab from people who are paying for JPEG ships (MOST of which can ONLY be played in the PU) for a game that still doesn't exist.

Why? Simple. Most backers of Star Citizen are entitled to SQ42 for free. Which pretty much limits the financial potential for that module. So what option does an exec on a money grabbing binge to? I'm glad you asked.

You ramp up production on your Hollywood comeback wet dream by putting the majority of resources behind SQ42, so that you can sell to additional people.

Which is why this month they are going to split Star Citizen and Squadron 42 into TWO separate products. I kid you not. Wait.

All the while ignoring the fact that the MAJORITY of backers don't give a damn about SQ42 because they backed the project SPECIFICALLY for Star Citizen (aka PU) so they can get an open-world, massive game. SQ42 was just another freebie thrown in as part of the money-grabbing bum rush.

And if nothing else, this Star Marine fiasco is continuing to shed light on what this project has now become and why the whole thing is completely FUBAR.

And aside from their ToS shenanigans, we're $106M out and still NO financial accountability for this crowd-funded project.

Meanwhile, key people keep jumping ship or being laid off as a cost cutting measure.

Here is front row seat to the community carnage that's unfolding:




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