You wanna know the reason I hate some people on the subreddit? Because the subreddit spends more time talking about me than it does about my work. There are people on there who make it their mission to dissect everything I ever say. Why are these tweets even on there? What purpose does that serve? To fulfil your daily drama quota that's what. You're not acting in good faith. You're there to get your pound of flesh and nothing else. Can you imagine what it's like to have a group of tens of thousands of people who at least on the surface only seem to exist to critique your life 24/7? Almost every tweet I make ends up on there and then hundreds of people sit around and discuss whether or not it was ok that I said it. I have an unelected commission of arbiters that sits there in loud judgement everytime I say something. Jesus christ it wears you down so much, you cannot imagine unless you've been in that position. You know what? It'd be ok if I believed those people were acting in good faith, but they're not. They're using it to yell at me, knowing that I can't respond to them individually or I'll get yelled at some more for singling them out. There's basically a bunch of my supposed viewers right now sitting there posting about how much of an asshole I am and then when I get mad at that, that's just another reason for them to call me an asshole. God I am so fucking sick of it. Please, add "I'm really good at yelling at terminally ill people on the internet because this man who makes free internet videos about games doesn't handle social media in quite the way I'd like him to" to your CV. I'm sure it'll get you far in life. Oh and don't you even think about trying to make the comparison between what you're doing and what I do for a job. My job is to critique a product based on its technical and artistic merit. It's never personal, the mission is never to hurt someone. That is a world apart from the 24/7 criticism of a single person that anyone with any modicum of fame gets. What's that quote? Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people? There's an awful lot of discussing a person going on right now. I wish social media had never been invented, it might be the worst thing to have happened to discourse in human history. "Just don't read it!" Ok. "WHY DON'T YOU LISTEN TO YOUR FANS?" Goddamnit.