Leaving Smite Esports

Hey guys, I'm writing this to let you know I will not be continuing with Smite Oceanic Esports this season as I have a lot more on my table in real life. With Smite being a lower one of my preferences naturally I will be quitting it first. Its been a great time in the scene and competing with you all but its time for me to hang up the bow. Good luck this season everyone and I hope you all give it a fair shake of the sauce bottle.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported me and our team along the road. A special thanks to: Lydia who has always been there for us and tried her best to coach and support our team. Maus for putting up with me the longest and having a mum who makes pretty good carbonara. Tomahawk for having the best hair in professional Smite. Faunkeh and Jak for being there to fill that gaps in the team when we needed you and being so important in our success in making it to PAX. ElChuckles for being a great member of our team during the off-season. Ender for always being around just in case we needed you and delivering the hot goss every night. Finally, Jyles for being a mate and starting all of this with me in the first place.

Might catch you guys in some ranked games.

Sincerely the Digidy of Doge <3

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