My thoughts on Ralph's AdSense suspension

Long story short: @/TheIvyClover1 sent out messages with a pastebin, asking people within #Gamergate to report TheRalphRetort 's website to AdSense. Ralph got suspended over a report he made on Sarah Nyberg.

My opinion can be summarized by a simple "disgusting", but I think I'll elaborate a little bit. Starting with Operation Disrespectful Nod itself. Because what is this ODN? Basically, the media and its merry band of SJW's were doing everything in their power to discredit Gamergate and demonize its followers. Silencing, censoring, lying, harassing, bullying... not a single strategy was left untouched. In the end, we saw no other choice but to contact advertisers and force news stories that would show our side of things. And now ODN was used by supporters of Gamergate against one of their own. Against someone who has proven himself to be a valuable asset all throughout Gamergate. (most recently showing that Brianna Wu lied about graduating college. A factoid used many times by the media, which shows they failed to do their research on numerous occasions) Yes, he's a provocateur like Milo. Yes, he's not bound to any official code of Ethics because of his status as a blog and a tabloid. Yes, he's really good at pissing people off. (His opinion may be A, but he'll glady tweet out B just to piss people off.) None of that is any reason to target him with ODN. And it's not even bad enough that he was targeted, BUT HE WAS SUSPENDED BECAUSE OF AN ARTICLE ON SARAH FREAKING NYBERG. Fucking hell, what's next? You want to go after Milo next because of his exposé on Sarah? They're basically the same thing, only Ralph didn't hold back any punches. Or how about Milo's articles on Wu or Nasty Randi?

First people started using aGGro tactics on Ralph... and now they're using Gamergate operations on him. Just goes to show how far removed many in gamergate have gotten from its roots. I mean, @/LaughReader (Co-Host Nora) got suspended from Twitter and a LOT of people used that as a reason to ATTACK RALPH. Or they were happy that someone just as bad Ralph got kicked off. (That when Nora is a real sweetheart, whose been lied about just because of her friendship with Ralph). For example, one of the threads in KotakuInAction: That was beyond disgusting. Luckily, there were a few cool heads in there. But come on... And guess what? I found this on the front page, with barely any upvotes and barely any comments. Gee, I wonder how it got there...

On a more personal note:
@/Women_Truths wrote a beautiful article on The Ralph Retort concerning the WildGoose situation. ( It's at least worth a read, even if you aren't a fan of Ralph. I agree with everything said in this piece, and I hope it helps to clarify what I've been talking about in previous Twitlongers. Too many people are blinded with hatred when it comes to Ralph, and have been spreading lies and believing lies because it suits what they believe. I've lost friends over supporting Gamergate, and now I've lost friends for not believing the narrative around Ralph. I don't know if I can do this anymore... I care too much about you all to just up and abandon my account, but it just hurts too much to see this all go down. I don't know what to do...

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