Hey guys,

As I'm sure most of you know my team (Dolce Vita) has fallen apart and having come first in the Challenger Cup, we are entitled to a relegations spot. I have been granted captain of the team by Bushy and have learned that if I have at least two players from the original CC roster still on the team, that I can add new members and still keep the spot.

This of course means that I am looking for some confident and competent players to join me so that we can (hopefully) make it to the SPL. There won't be a whole lot of time for practicing since relegations is only around 5 weeks away, so if you're interested in joining you must be very available for scrims and you must be very motivated to practice.

As it stands we already have a midlaner (myself) and a solo laner (lofes) but I ask that you still contact me even if you are a main of one of these roles and perhaps we can try to sort something out.

This is my 3rd year trying to make SPL and my 3rd year where some shit happens and gets in the way, so please spread the word and help make this my last year of trying!

Much love,

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